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Finally, the most anticipated shmup since 'Mars Matrix 2:We're not on mars anymore', 'Cho Aniki One', and some chump game called 'Shmoop 2'.

In a brave move, this game dosn't have a framerate limit, so the faster your processor the harder it gets! Finally, my I7 and 144hz monitor come in handy to enjoy the game at a silky smooth 'way too fast' fps.  However the gimick is far too strong, rendering the game fairly easy as I got to the end of stage 2 without dying on my first run after quick mastery of the systems. The game is heavily inspired by 3D Mark series and the example project in Danmakufu, witch leads to a fresh and unique style of bullet vomit and framerate that swings lower than than Gogem's patreon account on the Dreamcast version.

While flawed, the game is enjoyable for roughly as long as it took to write this review. 7/10, god was only the 2nd boss.


It's CAVE inspired, the framerate has to be this low!
It's Danmakufu-on-Windows-10 inspired, the framerate has to be unlimited! but whyyyyyyy

Glad you picked up on the intricate design choices. I wasn't sure the subtlety of using the five-enemies-come-from-the-right-side-of-the-screen-shoot-and-disappear-to-the-right-again every single time again would be lost on potential player. There's a lot of easter eggs to find, too. For example, if you bomb on God's final card, the bullets disappear and never respawn. This deeply ties in with the game's Nietzschean leanings, as in that moment "God is dead". Truly the Evangelion of cat-based STGs.