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Thanks a lot for playing the game man,

Im glad you liked it, thank you for playing.

Glad you had fun, Thanks for playing my game Mate!

Thanks a lot for playing the game mate. 

Thanks a lot for playing the game!

Thanks for playing man, cant belive its not saving the upgrades when you use the stage selection in game. i'll fix that ASAP. the blackhole was supposed to be kinda broken since its realy expensive to fully upgrade it. but i'll nerf it a bit . You trully have no idea how happy it made me when you actualy avoided that first red meteor on the first 1-5 stage.
All 90 stages are in the game, i just forgot to fix the button on the 3-10 in game, you can just go in the game files and in there there is a save file named StageData, just set the number to 90 and it will unlock all stages for you,
Thanks again man.

Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to me.

A upgrade to get more cash actualy sounds realy good ,didn't even thought about, but now i will definitely do it.

Thanks for playing man, Sorry for bugging it all so fast. turns the code to fix the ship after restarting the game is not working with only 1 ship for some reason. so you needed to delete the save to fix it.

Thanks for playing man.

Thank you for playing man, you need to buy the planetary shield to make the meteors stop hurting the planet. and the pad not comming back is a bug.

Thank your for playing the game man.  you need to hit the enemy ships with the green meteors to hurt then, i will experiment with the tesla coil with toggle  instead of one use
The paddle explodes when it hit by a red meteor. you should avoid those or try to destroy then.

Thanks for playing i gave a reply direcly on the video.

Thank you for playing.
Try fixing the mouse sensibility on the options menu. if that still doesnt work try upgrading the ship speed, What you do in the game is bounce the meteors into the  enemy ships, only green meteors can hurt then.

Thank you for your feedback man, it trully means a lot to me,

Thank you for your feedback man, it trully means a lot to me

Aim and press the run button to lay on the floor and fake your death.

To force fps mode you press f7 or f8

Early version is up pal.

Just press the button on the wall to spawn as much bots as your machine can handle.

Going to try to make it , might take some time, right now im making some models to replace the cube art on the game. As soon as i finish with at least the item models i will start a single player mode.

What version of windows are you using? i never saw anything like that before. try deleting everything and unziping the game again.

You dont need to instal anything, just download the game, unzip it and then click on the MP_Online.exe to play it.

You open the game,If your friend will host the game, he just need to click on the server host on the uper left corner. after the game starts, on the Client, in main screen there are 2 input ports, you insert your friend hamachi adress on the IP and click the set IP button or just insert it up there manualy.
Then you just need to press the LAN Client(C): button on the top left corner or press the C button on your keyboard.

If that doesnt work, tell the server to press F5 and then F6.


Just click on the download button for the current version, if you are using some kind of addblock it might block the new page.
In any case, here is the download link for the V0.7:!icNU1CyK!17e4vJF0yyY87e2-RmwYRvD-kpvRNUn1H7wlHjfc_3o

If you still having problems just tell me and i'll re-upload it in another site.