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(FERAS) Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.View game page

Its a 360° inverted bullet hell planetary defense game
Submitted by brazileirobr — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline

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(FERAS) Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.'s page

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Interesting take on pong. You do however have some major bugs and I'll provide a step-by-step so hopefully you can reproduce it. After failing mission 1-1, I bought another ship, failed mission 1-1 with ship no.1 and 2 destroyed. Started mission 1-1 once more, alt tabbed after hitting a key to start the level and since your game does requires focus to continue playing I alt tabbed right back in, nothing happened so far so I let the level run until my planet got destroyed and I got some cash. Re-did the level with the same procedures, hit alt-enter to go into window mode, alt tabbed as a test to make sure the application really needed focus and alt-tabbed plus alt-enter to return to fullscreen. After that was done, alien ship spawns never managed to enter the game space(always off-screen) and they self-destructed, allowing me to skip several sub levels(from 1-1 to 1-5) by just opening up a level, waiting for around 5 seconds and getting a mission complete. Add some description text to menu modes such a mission mode, their icons don't really tell me anything about them. Here's a small webm as an example of it happening.

Game seems fun so far, just gotta go through some necessary upgrades in order to bring in more cash than I spend repairing/buying anew.  Oh also, allow the player to collect the cash(or give whatever is on the field and will drop from an alien ship) before you transition to the level complete menu. Good luck.


Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to me.

A upgrade to get more cash actualy sounds realy good ,didn't even thought about, but now i will definitely do it.


Bugged out right away, my defender platform thing broke/disappeared and all that was left was its health bar which  I could still rotate (around 2:05). I thought maybe it was the death state, but it stayed like that even after starting a new game. The buttons could use text labels. Also I sat at the "SOON" screen like a chump because I thought it was a cutscene. 


Thanks for playing man, Sorry for bugging it all so fast. turns the code to fix the ship after restarting the game is not working with only 1 ship for some reason. so you needed to delete the save to fix it.


I enjoyed the option to have gravity affect everything. It's a small difference that spices it up! I had to max out the mouse sensitivity  in order to really move the ship effectively, but other than that, it was fine to control.

I think UI needs to be explored more. as the color choice was very dark. Of course, I can see how that is not the most important thing to work on though. It's been fun watching the progress in the threads.

Good work!


Thanks for playing man.


The movement speed on the pad is absolutely abhorrent. Cranking mouse sensivity didn't change a thing, so i had to resort to using WSAD.

Blue asteroids hurt the planet, for some reason, and then my pad got destroyed completely, so my poor planet was left completely defenceless.


Thank you for playing man, you need to buy the planetary shield to make the meteors stop hurting the planet. and the pad not comming back is a bug.


I'm not entirely sure what was going on, but I kinda liked what I could figgure out.

I couldn't figure out what makes the asteroids hurt the paddles or not or not, or if you were suppose to shoot the black hole ship things or make asteroids crash into them. It was kinda frustrating having your paddles with tricked out tesla coils (best weapon,wish you could toggle it) just explode for no reason, but I like the core concept you got going on here.


Thank your for playing the game man.  you need to hit the enemy ships with the green meteors to hurt then, i will experiment with the tesla coil with toggle  instead of one use
The paddle explodes when it hit by a red meteor. you should avoid those or try to destroy then.


Made a video of me playing it with my critique in the description


Thanks for playing i gave a reply direcly on the video.


I first tried to control it with mouse and it was impossible. it is too slow to rotate it, then I noticed I can also use ad keys.

I don't know what I am doing in this game :(, I am controlling a red rectangle that does nothing. I can't bounce back the astroid,  is this a bug?


Thank you for playing.
Try fixing the mouse sensibility on the options menu. if that still doesnt work try upgrading the ship speed, What you do in the game is bounce the meteors into the  enemy ships, only green meteors can hurt then.