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Comments are appreciated! I want to improve the gameplay, buff the early game challenge and make end game not as unfair!

I can tone the monster count a bit, but increase their speeds, which would solve kiting problems probably?

Different types of bosses also could add variety. I already buffed boss spawn rate a bit and found a bug with monsters not actually actively targeting player which is an improvement I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I want to improve the gameplay but don't have any good idea. I should check similar games and see how they work.

Can I ask how the game performed on your laptop? Was there any slowdowns?

Oh, tried it again and now it makes more sense.

Nah, I mean it just mutes the music. not the bullet sounds

Collision is a bit too hard, you shouldn't stuck to small things such as trees or flags.

I didn't like the way to attack.

Nice graphics, charging magic attack is pointless since I can just spam it instead if I have the time.

I don't think you need pdb files to run the game, they are for debug

On third screen or so, I went into a mech then couldn't do couldn't go further in the game. is that all?

Otherwise nice for a demo. Liked the artstyle

Your game made me jelous that I didn't go for pixelated graphics :(

Maybe it is me playing my game too much but your cross hair does not move with you (sticks to the ground) which was weirder and made things complicated. Especially on the edges of the screen, this just fıcks my aiming too much. But that might be just me

It is kinda hard those gray mechanical enemies on first level.

You can just farm score on every spawning enemies. This makes high-score thing a bit pointless.

The game ends on the bonus stage, is this because of the demo?

Game is just hard on your first playthrough, it is trivial when you figured out algorithm to beat enemies or specific rooms. Only real danger is you getting bored and trying to end things quickly

I didn't like the checkpoint system.  as soon as you get damaged, it is really hard to fill your health back and being able to place a check point. my general game play was to suicide when I get hit because there was no point in continuing any more since I will probably die before I am able to put another checkpoint.

I found a chest but couldn't open it. Then found an door that I can't open and stuck :(

Controls are too stiff, add some acceleration to make it possible smaller movements. your bullets are too slow comparing to enemy movement speed when they go crazy, it is pretty much just luck to hit them in those states

Well, jumping (space) does not work, I binded it to another key and it started working.

It is funny how the first thing that tutorial teaches you is exiting the tutorial.

The controls are a bit too much for me, I will give this one another go when I have my controller

Controls are horrible tbh.  Why confirm key is not enter and cancel key is not escape (two keys you really shouldn't bind). I tried to reassign them, which was extremely complicated and assigning your movement keys changes the key to navigate the menu. just enable mouse for the menus.

So many times I tried to jump over something but then noticed I can just pass through them.

Movement is too slow. Character stops after landing, which is annoying.  In game menus are too hard to use. I don't know what the fuck i am doing when I open a menu in game.

I did something, my character whistled and a bug kidnapped me. It went to a different screen and my character was not visible anymore.

Enemies are much more durable than I am, it gets unfair really quickly when a couple spawns next to each other.

And grenade can't really hit air.

mute is not muting enough :(

Otherwise, it is quite simple for now. Hit animations would be nice

First fight was easy, spam any attack button and you win.

sonic was quite glitchy for me. my character was out of screen most of the time. I was able to start my ultimate combo (spam q or w) but then sonic started comboed me to the outside of screen, which felt unfair

I don't get it

>For the bug; Did she stick to a sheer wall or a ledge? She does grab ledges, and I've had a few people tell me that's a bug. When it's not, it is intentional.

Oh, my bad. She is grabbing the ledges, I thought it was a bug

The enemies are not a problem unless they have the ranged attack (and maybe the winged ones), you just spam attack and nothing can really approach you.

Game is a bit too easy at this point, it is pretty much impossible to die as long as you move.

ui is not working well if you run game on 1280x720

Loved the models. Game is a bit too hard and not good kind of hard.

Then I figured out if you run, you can outrun wolves and their reaction time makes it possible run away from them Then it was easy :)

What screen resolution and OS are you using? You might be able to fix that by alt-entering and turing on v-sync before going into full screen.

1920x1080 and windows 10.

As long as I don't press apply changes, it works fine. the fullscreen is toggled correctly. But pressing apply changes makes it go black. Game still runs (when I press x, it toggles back to windowed mode) changing vsync didn't help and alt enter works same as toggling.

Even first pressing "apply changes" and then toggling fullscreen on makes it black. Whatever apply changes is doing breaks my full screen.

I first tried to control it with mouse and it was impossible. it is too slow to rotate it, then I noticed I can also use ad keys.

I don't know what I am doing in this game :(, I am controlling a red rectangle that does nothing. I can't bounce back the astroid,  is this a bug?

It is kinda hard to see when a monster is dead.

Player sticks to walls. The movement can definitely be improved!

Is this your own engine?

Honestly I finished it without many problems but I still have no idea what makes enemies sleep/attack you and how to approach them. I just randomly pressed direction keys and I was able to finish it without problems.

Game is quite simple at this point, keeping it to a 3x3 grid will be challenge. I hope that you will be able to find enough gameplay elements to make it fun and challenging!

Memes are... meh

Sound effects are annoying.

Died to boss and got the most annoying sound effects and jokes, then had to close it.

Overall it is promising, graphical wise it is pretty cool but those couple annoying features are really keeping it down

Was fun! I love this genre. I felt the gradius (one of my favorite titles on nintendo) feeling which was cool

Is changing speed really necessary? Didn't find it useful and would only complicate things.

Homing gun is quite strong compared to rest, although it acts weird at some points

Screen went black after I toggle full screen and press save.

Spikes are too hard to see, stones that falls from outside of screen are not fun. 

I found the waterfalls a bit annoying, would suggest reducing their effects but maybe it is just me.

Game window is very small in the beginning and it is kinda hard to make it full screen without being able to see your mouse.

Other than these problems, it was fun! I will be looking forward for you to add more content.

One bug I noticed: sometimes your character sticks to walls. I don't think this is intentional, right?

Why jump key is not space ;_;

Controls feels a little bit stiff, jumping is hard, especially with current layout. Visually it looks fine as far as I could see

I moved left, door opened and closed behind my back then I got stuck? You can also stuck at regular doors if you don't move out of their way.

How much gameplay are there? Because I couldn't go far the first screen.

The person that got a crash on launch and sent me a report, can you please download and try running it again? It was a shader issue (shader version was too high for your drivers, reduced it further). And thanks for the report!

(Edited 2 times)

    > First of all, the UI is drab and barely noticeable, for a solid minute i thought there's no Health/XP bar.

should handle better scaling ui better for higher resolutions. do you play on 1920x1080?

    >The crosshair is leashed on some weird distance from the playr and it makes you feel like you have no control over it.

There is an option to disable that, it is enabled by default. I thought that would be a good way to balance weapons (some wapons allow you to aim further) but I guess it is a crap feature.

    >Monsters just aimlessly wander around, and the normal gamemode just spawned a bunch of them, instead of making them slowly appear and fill the screen.
    >The item drops were scarce and weapons should drop faster if you still hold on to the pistol.

Some of them are random (only follow player withing a certain threshold) and others try to follow player regardless of distance. I guess I can increase the distance but things get a lot harder when more monsters are tring to follow you from all directions.
New monsters also spawns as time goes on and it spawns boss monsters in intervals. I tried to increase item drop a little but also increased map size on the last day so I guess it is harder to grab bonuses before they timeout

Sadly I can't do much about the art :(

(Edited 1 time)

My second entry in this jam and I will post this version as an open beta to friends. Hopefully I am planning to release in 2 months top.

Please give feedback on any bugs/crashes you find or new ideas/how to improve existing ones!

That is pretty weird. There is a shader issue I am aware of (some of the functions I used not available in all glsl versions I believe) which also crashes on start game. Might be the same bug, does it complains about shaders when you hit start playing? It should display before call stack.

@Hamfist McMutton

Thanks for the feedback. You are right about pretty much every point. Some are harder to fix (like art :() but I will try to improve them.


I think it should be MSVCP140.dll. I added both to .zip and reuploaded. Please try again.

Also if you can try deleting MSVCP120.dll and MSVCP140.dll to figure out which dll is necessary, that would be great!
Also install these two if you don't to have problems with other devs that forgets VC binaries :)


Honestly can't believe this is all 9mb. Amazing game!

Weapons are awesome! Too bad they are temporary though. Allthough I can see it would be imba otherwise

It really should just teleport you back to town instead of going back to main menu when you die. Other than that good work!

Also found Mar & Gen!

Good game! Loved the diffuculty. Took like 10-15 minutes to finish with keyboard, I generally suck at this kind of games.

Here are some complains.


Wow, that was a lot of fun! Controls was pretty smooth. Loved the boss fight and references to other games!

My only complain is you can't shoot some weapons diagonally, only the boomerang gun was working, was this intended? Also maybe jumping height felt a little low.

Please send me the output of console if game crashes.

Also there are a few debug keys. Check out the paste


Tried this one when it is posted on /agdg/, it was a little too hard me!

I think being not able to kick without jumping was a little harsh.