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DD19 Within the Green (Demo)View game page

Submitted by teamsolotent — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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  • Cute protagonist.
  • Pressing w through the "the sign says" part seems unnecessary
  • wtf are these default controls man
  • Pixel stretching, especially noticeable during scrolling
    • You can fix it by picking a native resolution and then rendering to a render texture at that resolution and then scaling that texture by integer units before rendering to the screen. its kind of a pain in unity when using low resolution assets but its possible to do right
  • Your character is fast enough that even if you have subpixel collision you probably dont need to fix it.

Very nice looking graphics, the animation too are pretty good. Though It feels like there is missing a animation when performing the double jump. The jump feels very awkward to me, it's almost like it's getting this extra momentum which feels like there's something pushing your character forwards.

There's not too much to say about the enemies, they  just seem to be a very WIP.  Some general behavior is needed.

The dialogue portraits are really pretty, very flavorful with the dialogues.

Also: When I restarted the game I had the HP of my last session.

-too much text, a sign with the key on it should be enough
-not only too much of it, but then it's also split into plenty of parts
-Unity butchers your pixel art
-alt tabbing the game produces some weird artifacts on half of the screen
-you can run out and run back into the house while it's fading out

My main gripe is how bad the graphics are handled by the engine and:

The sign reads
The game is ok
But it also tends to be annoying
Annoying with the text
It doesn't even cancel it when you move away


I like the concept going here as well as the design of the character. It's a bit barebones atm so it's hard for me to give strong feedback, but I will keep an eye on your progress. Keep it up!


Nice graphics, charging magic attack is pointless since I can just spam it instead if I have the time.

I don't think you need pdb files to run the game, they are for debug

A nice and clean looking game. The combat mechanics are pretty barebones right now, and the magic attack is too weak to really have any purpose. Also while charging, the magic swords should probably not have collision enabled as they disappear immediately if you have your back against a wall. Key rebinding is a must, I found the default control scheme really awkward. Not really a fan of WASD in games where the mouse isn't used. Also, I noticed some horizontal, 1px tall gaps between the tiles a couple of times when the camera was moving vertically.

Some other notes: please don't flag your releases as multiplatform regardless of whether or not the exe works in Wine. Also, the .pdb files in the base directory are generated by Unity for debugging purposes and are not needed to make the game work, but they make up the bulk of your file size.

All in all, the game shows promise. Looking forward to seeing more of it.


Pretty good, the slashes feel good, the movement is nice, feels like it needs more blend animations, double jump is awkward looking.

The enemies are pushovers, so I just spam-dashed and accidentally found the end, sorry.

Really nice looking and feeling game. Jump feels a little odd, but you get used to it after a while
Is the sword made of magic? If its not it would be nice to add it to the character's sprites when she is not using it.
You also need a transition animation between the standing and running ones, because the change is too sudden, specially noticeable when you hit a wall and she keeps runing a little before going to standing straight. I don't think having "the sign reads" on every sign on the tutorial is necessary, as it slows you down when reading them. Hope to see more progress on this game, looking really interesting so far. Good job!


thanks for the feed back

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This only appears to have Windows binaries.

EDIT: Ran it in Wine. Pixel art looks nice, game mechanics are solid. Would be nice to get controller support or rebindable controls, since J/K/L are a little awkward for me.


I'll try to add controller support after I rework the combat