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Congratulations on the C++ move, and hope it pays off in the long run. The game runs out of the box on my Manjaro desktop. As for the game, all I can say is that what's currently there seems to match the experience in the LibGDX version. I assume the reason why rockets don't damage the player is that combat isn't ported yet?

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I ran into this exact GLSL issue a few months back. Excuse the plug, but I wrote up my solution here, if you want something that's backwards compatible:

Since you're using C++, you may have an easier time implementing this.

Thanks for playing. You can choose a crosshair in the menu (scroll down in gameplay options). I'm still not sure why some walls are sticky - I slide along them normally in my testing.

I will look into the rest of your feedback, such as wraparound while scrolling through weapons.

Right now, projectile enemies will always their angles to face you, even while making the "aiming" animation. I plan to introduce ways to make them less accurate, such as adding spread to their shots, as well as locking their ability to turn once committing to a shot.

At times, I was able to move through the yellow squares by hitting their corners at diagonal velocities.

Thanks for playing. You've definitely spent more time with the game than the average player. I knew about switching to the plasma gun issue, and didn't think anyone would find it. :) It has to do with it not having an idle animation, as opposed to the shotgun and pistol. Somehow switching to it too fast causes that graphical issue. I plan to remove it since it's a placeholder, which also explain why it visually contrasts to the other weapons.

I still haven't done enough testing on extreme collision situations like landing on slope transitions and non axis-aligned corners. Hopefully I can iron out as much as I can before next Demo Day.

I definitely plan to have a starter melee weapon for the player. I just need my modeler to make one. Crouching and sliding will probably be removed in later builds. I only implemented them early on just to prove that I could.

Thanks for all your input. I will try to implement some of the recommended changes as soon as I can.

Thanks for playing. People have complained about mouse sensitivity issues in previous Demo Days, so I'll look into addressing this for the next one. For mouse movement, I get relative mouse movement (as integers) from SDL_MOUSEMOTION events. When updating the camera, I increment the pitch/yaw angles with the relative integers multiplied by sensitivity AND delta time, casted to a float. The issue may be appearing due to how I handle timestep.

Thanks for playing. Hitscan/projectile enemies are still early in development. I'll try to add some variance to their aim so that they aren't always hitting you with precision. I'll also try to clamp their attacking distance so they can't snipe from afar.

I have no prior background in level design, so I'm still learning best practices. As development continues, I might discard levels 1 and 2 entirely, if not massively rework them. Enemy encounters definitely need to be improved.

I'll look into adding a quick respawn button after death, though I'd like to note that you can quicksave at any time during gameplay (if you're not already aware).

Running this on Manjaro Linux gets me the following output:

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2
ERROR: operator[]: FATAL: Index p_index=1 out of size (size()=1)
   At: core/vector.h:138.
handle_crash: Program crashed with signal 4
Dumping the backtrace. Please include this when reporting the bug on
[1] [0xf770fc90] (??:0)
[2] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80cbaee] (??:?)
[3] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80e0e63] (<artificial>:?)
[4] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x816afc1] (<artificial>:?)
[5] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80728e9] (??:?)
[6] /usr/lib32/ [0xf750c793] (??:0)
[7] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x807b305] (??:?)
Aborted (core dumped)
I get the same issue when running youmu-wip. Guess Godot doesn't like my PC.

Running on Linux gets me this output:

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2
ERROR: operator[]: FATAL: Index p_index=1 out of size (size()=1)
   At: core/vector.h:138.
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

Minor spelling error (brough -> brought)

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This only appears to have Windows binaries.

EDIT: Ran it in Wine. Pixel art looks nice, game mechanics are solid. Would be nice to get controller support or rebindable controls, since J/K/L are a little awkward for me.

Had trouble finding the shotgun since it camo'd nicely with the asphalt at the end of the road. Would have been better to place it at the bench near the shells. The gun itself looks and performs nicely, though!

The loading screen is also a nice addition.

I like the new "cyber neon" look and feel you've given to the main character and in the music. My only issue is that "interact" and "reload" are unbound by default. I got killed the first time when I found myself out of ammo and unable to react. However, even if the key is bound, I recommend auto-reloading when this occurs.

"Interact" being unbound feels awkward since you literally need it to complete the demo.

Visuals and polish in places like physics and movement are nice. I found the game a little difficult and wasn't able to get farther than the first checkpoint. Maybe I just need to get better.

I'm not a fan of slowing the player down when they do the swipe attack, because I don't having my movement interrupted. Maybe this could be done for throwing rocks instead.

Liked the old school touch on finding the secret.

Looks really good. Like the open-ended level design and weapon feel. Good progress from last Demo Day.

I'm getting graphical issues on my Intel HD4000 graphics under Linux, probably resulting from these failed shader compiles.

ERROR: Failure to compile UnlitShader
0:13(23): error: no matching function for call to `texture(sampler2D, vec2)'; candidates are:
ERROR: Failure to compile Worldhader
0:17(23): error: no matching function for call to `texture(sampler2D, vec2)'; candidates are:
0:18(23): error: no matching function for call to `texture(sampler2D, vec2)'; candidates are:

Build 40 now shows bindings for lockpicking in the help menu, but only for mouse/keyboard, even when a gamepad is connected. Again, the in-game tutorial popup does not have this issue.

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It would be nice to receive some additional feedback when getting a vampire artifact. Right now, looting a chest that has one doesn't feel any different than looting other chests, other than seeing a number go up in your objectives. Maybe playing a diffent sound or emitting different particles would help make the loot feel more meaningful.

Minor issue: In the Lockpicking section of the Help Menu, the bindings for tapping and forcing a pin are not shown (tested with keyboard and with gamepad connected). The in-game lockpicking message in the first mission does not have this issue.

Same mistake I made a while ago. :)

The ./configure script for SDL2 should show what libraries/features are compiled into SDL2 at the end. I believe I had missed some important X11/OpenGL packages. Instead of failing, the build produced a flawed SDL2 shared library without all targets built in.

I really recommend getting the library from the Steam Runtime, but if you'd rather build yourself, see the dependencies here:

Thanks, the issue seems fixed in the newest zip. Running ldd on ./Vamp shows the supplied SDL2 library is being preferred first.

I have one other issue/question. Where did you get your SDL2 shared lib from? It seems to be causing an issue that renders my monitor unusable when the game enters fullscreen. Using my system-provided SDL2 allows fullscreen to work.

I remember running into this issue with my own game when I compiled SDL2 myself without having some X11 libraries installed.

If you're not already doing this, you should probably be getting the SDL2 library from the Steam Runtime, which is what that the SDL wiki also recommends ("known good", it's called).

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Upon further troubleshooting, it seems the issue is with the symlinked SDL2 libraries included. Deleting them and making my own link with the included library worked. I wonder if the symlinks were not properly preserved in the zip file.

Using Manjaro Linux. When running the executable:

./Vamp: error while loading shared libraries: ./ file too short

Removing the included SDL2 libraries allowed me to run the game using my system libraries.

I can't run the game on Linux. I'm getting a core dump from a floating point exception.

Is a Linux version planned?