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Ctesiphon (Demo Day X)View game page

Cyberpunk Shooter Action
Submitted by stomygame (@StomyGame) — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline

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One of the most impressive demos, while there isn't much content yet I have high expectations for this game. I liked the level, lots of small, optional areas to explore.

If I had to name some issues, the wall collision felt occasionally a bit jittery, and on the visual side there was some Z-fighting on some surfaces.

excellent flow through the level
didn't like how much recoil the gun has and how getting hit fucks your aim up, should be one or the other not both IMO
solid so far, will be keeping tabs on it


Neat game. Really cool level design and style, I'm getting a real Deus Ex vibe from it.

The mouse sensitivity seemed WAY too high, though. I didn't see an option to change it in the controls menu.



I'm still on the fence about auto-reload, in the end I think I'll just put it in but turn it off on my local settings.

Yeah the keybindings are a bit funky, as they're read from a file I dump in your Documents, and if a particular bindings isn't listed (because, for example, you played a previous demo) it will simply be unbound, not by "default", just because your local settings don't have it.

I'm going to change how that works though as it annoys me as well. Next demo day it will reset to default anything it doesn't find a definition for, and will represent unbound entries by listing them but not having any actual bindings assigned.

I like the new "cyber neon" look and feel you've given to the main character and in the music. My only issue is that "interact" and "reload" are unbound by default. I got killed the first time when I found myself out of ammo and unable to react. However, even if the key is bound, I recommend auto-reloading when this occurs.

"Interact" being unbound feels awkward since you literally need it to complete the demo.