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Unnamed pixel platformer (DD17)View game page

A simple action platformer
Submitted by korpiroot — 1 day, 19 hours before the deadline
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This looks really nice, I think the new art is my favorite part of it, it looks really professional!
Gameplay-wise it's good and it's solid, but I found it really difficult, I dare to say that is more difficult than the DD9 version now that the mosquitoes are flying around. You end up with like 5 enemies on screen and if you try to run from them you will find even more so there is no escape, or even worse if you try to jump from them you can fall on a pit with spikes that you didn't see.

I think you just need to carefully put the enemies and traps on the right spot because everything else works pretty good, give the player some parts where he can rest from the enemies and try to make every important part visible so the player doesn't fall on dead pits.


I've uploaded the game play footage of your game. I sure had fun. Thank you for it! I can second what VampireDev said: amazing progress since last time.
If the link's not working, then it's still processing.

Visuals and polish in places like physics and movement are nice. I found the game a little difficult and wasn't able to get farther than the first checkpoint. Maybe I just need to get better.

I'm not a fan of slowing the player down when they do the swipe attack, because I don't having my movement interrupted. Maybe this could be done for throwing rocks instead.

Liked the old school touch on finding the secret.


I really wanted to play this one again, and I'm amazed how much it has evolved since DD9. It feels and looks really polished and well thought. Art reminds me of old arcade games and that a good point in my book. And congratulations, you managed to code mosquitoes as annoying as their real life counterpart.