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It's not the most polished thing but I find it quite fun, the variety in the characters is pretty interesting, still needs some balance tho, like Frank that is too damn slow or how only the first shots from Arcana come with those extra bullets that enlarge the range but after that she only shoots one blue ball, also skeletons with shields are really hard to kill.
Also at times I feel that the enemies are too small to shot at them correctly, have you thought about making the sprites bigger or reducing the space that the window show making them bigger in the process? I think it would help a lot.

Don't know if it's just because it runs slow in my pc (for some reason) but I think he walks too slow, I need to go running all the time when probably the point of running was just to evade enemies. Those shadows are pretty exaggerated too imo, you should at least give them some color so it doesn't look bland.
I think the concept is really interesting tho, so I really want to see how it keeps evolving.

This is pretty nice, all the main stuff like dialogs, battle system, items are working fine, I think you just need to apply them properly and polish GUIs and other graphical stuff to get a nice game. And probably make a "first stage" where you learn something about how the game works and a bit less monotone map, but tbqh you already did a great job.

Making your first level a lava level wasn't the best decision I think, the wall jumping is already pretty tricky because it isn't instantaneous, you hit the wall wait a bit and then do it, and trying to do it fast so you don't get caught by the lava make it even harder.
I think everything else works just fine, just keep working on it to make it feel more complete.

Can't play it properly because I only have a generic USB controller/10, I can move with the arrows keys but the other buttons only work on the controller, which is pretty uncomfortable, please do something about that.

Besides that I can say that the art is damn fine, the colors are kinda weird, like too colorful at least for me, but the technique is there.

I can't really say much about this game in this state besides that I really like how it looks and I want to see how do you keep adding more things, the art is looking pretty good, but the map is kinda confusing, you should try to make things a bit more close to them, or for example making the house a bit more small, you don't really need all that space in there.
I just found 2 bugs, one where a skeleton didn't attack me and didn't move at all, and also the icons in the menu for choosing your weapon and the other stuff apparently don't work, they are all in the same space and the other parts of the circle are empty.

You did a really nice job with the sprites and the animations, everything looks really cute and the controls are responsive, however I was expecting a bit more, I mean you made sounds effects for the character but not for enemies or when they get killed, also I didn't know that you can shot and do that attack to break floors, you should try to add something to tell the controls to the player.

I think the movement and the collisions were nicely done and hiding behind bushes is a nice add to these kinds of games, but I was surprised that there is no way to kill the enemies, and there are tons of them on some places, like having at the same time the frog that can jump all the space that the camera show and the dogs/wolves running behind you and always being close to you even if you are behind a bush.

Also how does that running bar works? You can use it only one time and when it gets empty you can't do it anymore and can't charge it either?

Ah I forgot, if you choose the red character the game crashes, because of something related to the camera.

Pretty nice, the game was fun already and now with the changes I don't really have anything to criticize. The new dance moves are really funny too, don't know if that was your intention.
I also have some vietnam flashbacks with this game, I'm going to take my time unlocking those costumes, but not yet.

Pretty fun as always, the new animations look good, but the filters are kinda weird and the CRT even slowed down the game for me.
The levels are generated randomly or something? Because it would be nice if the position of the river change too, to add a bit more of variety. And probably some other kind of village people, like characters that run faster or slower.

This is pretty fun to play, the main mechanics are already solid and I didn't found any important bug, that HP counting is really interesting too, I was expecting that kind of shump where you die with only one hit.
The only problem I had was the thing Sinoc posted, sometimes I didn't know that an enemy was destroyed because I was too busy dodging bullets and there wasn't any sound or graphical effect to make me notice that even if I'm not looking directly to it, and I really need to know that because if that doesn't happens I can stay the same place and ignore the other enemies.

I really like the new graphics on this one, the game in general feels better too, is a bit less rude with the player now that you don't have 3 enemies shooting directly at you. But I was thinking that is a bit unbalanced to have the enemies have the same type of shoot than you, that should fit more in a boss battle in my opinion, I mean, if they shoot in the place the bullets go to three different directions, just like the player, and that makes it really tricky if you fight two enemies at the same time, have you thought about limiting their range of shooting just a bit?

I'm always impressed about how complex is this game, like some hack n' slash in 2d. I really like to play with the dummy and the boss fight was really frenetic, talking about it probably, one of the points is to not have enough time to react, but I got it really difficult because I didn't know what was he going to do, just after some time playing when I understood the symbols I got it, imo you should be a bit more clear with that or at least give a second more so the player can get that and act in consequence.

This is extremely cute and also pretty weird, I didn't know if that extremely fast moving platform had some point or that dice who follows you everywhere and you can't kill.
Besides the weird level design with really dangerous paths where you can fall and die just with a little mistake, I only had some problems with the jump, when moving the direction too early before the jump making the tank crash with the wall for example, and you don't really have much time to change direction because it stay just a little time on the air and the jump is pretty small too.

This looks really nice, I think the new art is my favorite part of it, it looks really professional!
Gameplay-wise it's good and it's solid, but I found it really difficult, I dare to say that is more difficult than the DD9 version now that the mosquitoes are flying around. You end up with like 5 enemies on screen and if you try to run from them you will find even more so there is no escape, or even worse if you try to jump from them you can fall on a pit with spikes that you didn't see.

I think you just need to carefully put the enemies and traps on the right spot because everything else works pretty good, give the player some parts where he can rest from the enemies and try to make every important part visible so the player doesn't fall on dead pits.

This was fun as hell, the character models and the level look really cute, it's also pretty challenging, most of the enemies moves toward you and it's pretty complicated to jump over them sometimes (mostly that flying robot thing) the boss wasn't easy either.
The only bug that I found was that I died on the second level on the lava and restarted with -2 lives, dying again would give me -4 and then -7, I didn't really understand what was going on.

The robot movements are really varied, and the designs are pretty cute, I love the MC!

But my main problem was the control, the jump was too high and hard to calculate when you were going to fall, and trying to evade the lasers with it just made it more hard.

Pretty funny concept, It's still entertaining to play it again after losing all the lives. I think a button that let you move the turtle after throwing it would help, I mean, there were times where I got stucked between two of those flippers, just waiting for my dead by a laser.

And don't know if It's just me, but I didn't listen any music on it, wich is strange because there are audio files in the game's folder.

This game is hard! I played it the first time thinking that it was an arcade-type game, so I end up dying a lot, but even playing it with patience and using the covers is pretty hard, the bullets are too long and having more than 2 guys shooting at you at the same time make the game feel like a bullet hell, the inexistence of an invincible effect after getting hit was unexpected too, but that's probably what you wanted on your game.

Besides that is pretty decent, the sound effects are juicy and taking hit is pretty dramatic, It's a really intense game in general.

I suck at puzzles but even with that your game gave me a lot of fun (at least the first chapter, I need to try the others with more time)

I didn't really found anything that you should fix or polish, the only thing that doesn't convince me is the music, it gets pretty spooky at times, don't know if that was what you intended.

Keep up the good work!

It has some solid mechanics, but they still need some polishment, I spend like 5 minutes trying to pass that part with the wall jumping (or I'm probably just that bad) I really want to see how it looks with some sprites!

Pretty cute game, it has some solid pixel art, the level design and enemy placement are really clever, and all the movements feel good. I really expect a lot of things of this game!

I know it is in a really early phase of development so I can't really complain about not having certains things, but the inexistence of checkpoints, a restart button or at least a health bar make it really hard, I didn't even get to see the end of the level yet! because of how long it is and the quantity of enemies there is is really easy to die and you need to start over again.

And the last thing, when your are trying to get to a platform using some kind of ladders there is a snake in the above floor and it just fall over you (killing you instantly). That's cheap man (?)

Anyway keep working on it!

I really liked your game, It actually looks like a real NES title and the difficult setting is pretty good.

But there is something that bothers me and that's the time limit, it's probably something that you implemented to add stress to the player but you should really consider adding 10 seconds more at leasts. There were times when I died by time limit just before reaching the goal.