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A jam submission

Halloween Bullet Hell DDXView game page

Halloween bullet hell - demo build
Submitted by Hemmingfish — 1 day, 19 hours before the deadline

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This is pretty fun to play, the main mechanics are already solid and I didn't found any important bug, that HP counting is really interesting too, I was expecting that kind of shump where you die with only one hit.
The only problem I had was the thing Sinoc posted, sometimes I didn't know that an enemy was destroyed because I was too busy dodging bullets and there wasn't any sound or graphical effect to make me notice that even if I'm not looking directly to it, and I really need to know that because if that doesn't happens I can stay the same place and ignore the other enemies.


The wave based setup doesn't lend itself to a shmup very well, and the enemy and bullet patterns are kinda bland. There's also very little feedback for anything, like getting hit or even dying, making it kinda hard to tell if you've been hit or not since your mouse is covering the hitbox. It's a little bland, but it's more functional and complete than half the other games on here.


Really nice, I enjoyed it a lot. A couple of suggestions: First time I played I accidentally clicked outside the window, the game was paused as it lost its focus and that was great, but as soon as I clicked the window inside it unpaused and I was in a bad spot. In a game like this one, where one wrong movement means a lot, I think it would be better to keep the game paused until the player presses a key to unpause it when he is ready to keep playing. Have you thought about changing the cursor to something less intrusive? Maybe replace the arrow with a small gem or bow on the witch's hat?
Again, I liked this game a lot, and I'm looking forward your progress on it.