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A jam submission

Super Space Jam Jetpack Robot TurboView game page

Fly, explore, and shoot things.
Submitted by nurikabe — 2 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline

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Hard but nice and fun. I agree with snekdev on the fact that a little bit of (low) gravity would make the game feel more dinamic, and would make the navigation more interesting in my opinion. Would like to see how this would be with a little bit of polishing.

  • In love with the artstyle and the unconventional format of the game.
  • Gunfeel is great.
  • Nice music.
  • Slow down when hit is really interesting here since enemies shots are random so you have some time to predict and dodge.
  • The narration is simple but it works well, feels like a lot of effort went into that and it pays off.
  • Level design, while pretty good for navigation, isn't really suited for combat
  • Enemies shots are random which makes the combat even worse, predictable patterns should be way better and at least allow for more interesting combat and positioning than waiting behind a wall. Or maybe make the gun able to fire in any direction so you don't have to put yourself in front of the enemy to dodge unpredictable bullets, also this solution would make killing enemies above you less tedious.

This game is hard! I played it the first time thinking that it was an arcade-type game, so I end up dying a lot, but even playing it with patience and using the covers is pretty hard, the bullets are too long and having more than 2 guys shooting at you at the same time make the game feel like a bullet hell, the inexistence of an invincible effect after getting hit was unexpected too, but that's probably what you wanted on your game.

Besides that is pretty decent, the sound effects are juicy and taking hit is pretty dramatic, It's a really intense game in general.

  • As always, love your artstyle. The one who puts you back together is a qt.
  • The wall tile sprite is meh.
  • Recoil is great.
  • Health and money is invisible against the background. You can make it red.
  • A platformer without jumping is mathematically equivalent to a topdown shooter.
  • Between the bullet size and speed, the player hitbox, and the screen size, getting shot is easy and punishing. I played the game as a puzzle, staying in cover as much as possible. Both viplike and SSJJRT have this conflict between fast game elements and slow game elements.
  • If you want to emphasize the cover shooter gameplay, make the screen bigger so you can see who's shooting at you.
  • Or you could make the game faster, by letting the player take more risk. More health, smaller hitboxes.
  • Kekked at your title screen giving me a blurry screen and telling me not to change it.
  • Looking forward to more of your games!