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  • As always, love your artstyle. The one who puts you back together is a qt.
  • The wall tile sprite is meh.
  • Recoil is great.
  • Health and money is invisible against the background. You can make it red.
  • A platformer without jumping is mathematically equivalent to a topdown shooter.
  • Between the bullet size and speed, the player hitbox, and the screen size, getting shot is easy and punishing. I played the game as a puzzle, staying in cover as much as possible. Both viplike and SSJJRT have this conflict between fast game elements and slow game elements.
  • If you want to emphasize the cover shooter gameplay, make the screen bigger so you can see who's shooting at you.
  • Or you could make the game faster, by letting the player take more risk. More health, smaller hitboxes.
  • Kekked at your title screen giving me a blurry screen and telling me not to change it.
  • Looking forward to more of your games!