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Thank You so much!! I'm happy You liked it!!

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with it!! I'm glad I managed to reach my goal, I wanted to make it  strategic while still keeping it as simple as possible. I definitely need to work on different difficulty levels and balance them properly!

It definitely deserves lots high rates!

Exactly! Thank You!! It would be amazing if this eventually turn this into a bigger game that I can release there!!

Thank You! A local 2 player vs mode exists in the game, but I broke something in the code at the last minute and couldn't manage to fix it in time for the Jam's deadline so I just kept it hidden. You can access it by pressing 2 at the Title Screen, and Player 2 uses the left and right arrows to control his character. Keep in mind it bugs a lot, so you may need to reestart the fight sometimes, by pressing R.

After the Jam is completely over I plan to go back to this project and fix all these issues so everything works properly.

Absolutely genius way to follow the jam's theme, not only in one, but in 3 different and creative ways. Gameplay, art, and music are all great, and the game feels very polished, besides the bugs other reviews already pointed out. Excellent Job!

Thank You so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I need to find a way to balance the difficulty better, as some people have found it to be quite easy while othera felt the complete opposite, so I'll need to invest a lot of time on that either finding a perfect middle point, or adding different leves of difficulty for the player to pick. I'm super happy that you enjoyed the art so much, specially because the art in your game is completely amazing. 

Fantastic game. The art is beautiful and the music works perfectly with the ridiculously scary atmosphere. Very interesting take on the Jam's theme with the story and the gameplay as well. Love how polished the game feels and looks. Incredible work!

Thank You so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!

Really nice game! The graphics, music, sound effects and athmosphere are all on point, it feels and looks incredibly polished as well. Amazing job!!

Yeah, I think making it canvas based like the rest of the gameplay should make the trick

Amazing!! Thank You so much I'm honored to have been featured in this video!!

Mistery Solved!!

Average old laptop screen: 1366 x 768.
It's also seems to only happen during the intro text, and only if I don't have the game in full screen.

Thank You!! I'm glad you liked it!!

Art really reminds me of old atari games, you nailed the look perfectly. Loved the music and gameplay.
I also had the same issue with the web build not showing the full gameplay are, but I have a very small monitor, so that's on me. With a little bit of polishing you have a great project here.

Absolutely incredible work here guys! You have done everything the official Saint Seiya games never did.
You have a game that follows the story closely but never feels boring or linear and never forces the player to have previous knowledge about the franchise to understand what to do next.
You are working with Game Boy Color's thight technical limitations but you still managed to make a ridiculously beautiful looking game, and on top of that have Mr. Yokoyama's magnificent soundtrack too, something that sadly most Saint Seiya games lack, and that I personally think is a big part of the franchise's identity.
Again, I have nothing but tons of respect and admiration for everyone involved in this project (and Cosmo Knight ZiON as well).
Thank You for making real the Saint Seiya game we always dreamt to play.

Really amazing concept. One of the most original takes I have seen on this jam's theme, and adapted into a really fun gameplay as well. Incredible work!!

Thank you so much!!

Yeah. I understand that perfectly. We end playing and replaying the game so much while making and testing it, that it probably ends feeling way easier than it really is for us.

Amazing! Can't wait to see more of your work!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it and fun with it!

Super polished and nice looking! Love the idea of collecting lights to make the light around you bigger and shinier. Good Job!

Thank You!! I'm glad you liked it!!

Really interesting twist to RPS by making it feel so fast paced and dinamic, and being able to upgrade your attacks. The contrast between the Light and Dark Worlds fits perfectly with the jam's theme.
Great Work!!

Thank You!! That means a lot to me be, because your game also has amazing art!
After so much positive feedback I have received I definitely want to work on this again on this at some point, add all the missing features and improve, tweak and polish the gameplay and difficulty to avoid this kind of button mashing situations some players found themselves in.
I originally wanted to make Darkness look different by either adding a dithering overlay over it, but the sprites ended being so tiny that I don't think that would work well without detail getting lost. Then I thought about making it flash quickly between white and black to make it look gray in a way (like you did with in the first letter you receive from Mad King) but I wasn't sure that would work well on different screens with different framerates (some old games did it with great results and others with awful ones). Inverting the colors didn't cross my mind, but is a great idea! I have a lot of things to experiment with!
Agan, thank you so much!! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this game so much!

Super interesting twist of adding an opponent to this kind of memory game, loved the concept a lot.
The art is super cool and the music is amazing and very fitting. I spent more time playing than I should have, but loved every second of it! Great job!!

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Ridiculously cute game! Excellent art and music and very creative use for the jam's theme.
Ship felt a little confusing to control at the start, but once I got used to it, it wasn't a problem anymore.
Great job!

Thank you so much!! I'm super happy that you enjoyed it!! Definitely will get stuff balanced, fixed and polished as soon as possible!! Thanks for the feedback!!

Thank you so much! Makes me really happy that you enjoyed the game so much. People playing tricks on each other was exactly what I wanted to see the most while developing this, so I definitely need to get the 2 player mode working properly soon!

Amazing game! It kept me on the edge of my seat every second and I wanted to know more and more. Very good art and ambience music. Everything together reminded me a lot of Junji Ito's work, which I love. Really impressed with this one. Incredible Job!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!!

Really fun!! Very original concept for the jam's theme. I like how the difficulty keeps increasing little by little, but never gets too crazy, so you could even try to speedrun this game at some point. Great work!

Thank You!! I definitely need to tweak the difficulty a little bit!! Thanks for the feedback!!

Very original and unique idea, loved it. A really interesting take on the jam's theme and lots of variety between levels as well, so it never gets boring or repetitive. Great job!

Thank You!! Glad you liked it!!
You have a great point there, making the attack animations more flashy so they are more easily noticeable is something I'd like to do.

Thank You!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!

Super Original and creative idea. Love the art, and the comic style level layout! Great work!

Hahaha iIncredible coincidence then! But yeah definitely enjoyed the game a lot! Keep up the good work!