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Just played it a couple of times. Beautiful art, beautiful music, simple but fun gameplay. I can tell I will be replaying this a lot.
Small feedback:
- Monsters could drop more gold if you kill them without receiving any damage.
- Monsters shouldn't drop hearts if you are at full HP.
- Weapon set resets back to set 1 when you arrive a new floor.
- Options reset after the Game Over screen (biggest issue to me).
- Game over screen could show how far you got.
Anyway, really beautiful and fun game,  I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Great improvements on v0.06. Collisions work perfectly now and moving platforms are not impossible to get through anymore. A different set of tiles for them would help realizing you need to move on top of them when they do at first sight. Maybe making them Ice looking (so it makes sense they are slippery), while making the rest of the level stone looking could work pretty well.
Only thing I could add: Is difficult to see if you are damaging your enemies or not when you hit them, but I'm not sure if it is inteded that way or not. To me it feels like you aren't damaging them after attacking them for a while until you do something else (like moving or jumping) before attacking them again, Adding a small knock back to them when you hit them could prevent this, and also prevent them stacking on top of each other when a lot of them spawn together.
I like the ambient and the dino sprites a lot. Can't wait to see how the 2nd level will play with the 3D gimmick.

Short and simple, but pretty fun. Really good news to know you'll keep working on it. I believe with a little bit of strategy on it, you will have gold in your hands.
42 humans crushed so far.

Perfect game for a Jam. Short, simple, fun, and it looks and sounds great. Congrats for a great work.

Really polished game with great graphics/animations and a very interesting gameplay idea.
Some stuff that could use some work in my opinion:
  • Small clues about where to go. Not exactly something too obvious like arrows, but something subtler would work great.
  • Destructible walls should be different than normal walls, again a subtle difference.
  • Hitboxes on the terrain are a little off sometimes, you can jump through some rocks.
  • Player gets too much momentum and feels slippery. It can make some jumps tricky.

With clever level design that forces you use the throw mechanics in a strategic way this will be a great game.

Really fun and promising. You nailed perfectly how NES Castlevanias.feel.
So far the only issue I found was that sometimes enemies can knock you back through the walls, and out of the level, forcing you to restart the game. Happened to me 3 times at the boss battle, and once in the room with lots of bats.
As you can imagine already, I'm loving this game and hope to see more progress on it. Great job!

You can tell it's a very early demo, so there isn't too much to say. Really well executed options, graphics need some polishing, but I see a lot of potential. Plus being an actual Genesis game makes it even more impressive in my opinion. Hope to see more progress soon.

This was way more difficult than what I expected it to be, but way more fun too.
  • I would give the player more HP at the start, and maybe make him move a little bit faster, and gradually increase the difficulty level.
  • Something indicating the weapon you are using at the moment and if you are or not in god mode would be a good addition to the UI.

Finally, not related to the game, but the readme file was amusing too.
Hope to see more progress on this game soon.

I agree with nurikabe's feelings about how it reminds you of some older fps, but feels fresh at the same time. Some stuff that needs work in my opinion.
  • Side walking without moving the camera could work very well (Think about Wolfenstein)
  • Sometimes you can kill zombies without having your mouse over them
  • Lamp besides the bed can be shot, it makes the breaking noise, but it doesn't break.
  • Light of that same lamp goes throught the wall sometimes and the bookcase on the other side lights up.
  • Is easy to clic outside of the game if you play on windowed mode. Mouse should be restricted inside the game until you pause it.
  • Couldn't take the paper from the bookcase either.
Very short but fun demo. It has a lot of potential.

Really fun, and polished, to the point it has a huge professional feel to it.
Reminds me a lot of Contra and that says a lot of good stuff about it.
Sewer level/boss battle, felt a little long/repetitive at some point, a small wave/enemy counter would work well for that.
Amazing work on this.

Not too much to say. Great and fun as always. Big improvements on the boss, it doesn't feel unfair anymore. Can't wait to have more elaborate levels with enemies and more bosses on this!
Control rebinding worked fine for me.

Is really nice to see how much this has improved, and how it has grown to become something really fun.
Only issue I found was that somehow I managed to get throught a door on my first run, but couldn't replicate it later.
Hope to see more of this game soon. Good job!

A lot of improvement since the last Demo. I like the new room system with checkpoints you have now. And a great way to explain the controls on the first room.
Great job.

Again, this keeps being really fun and addictive, but I'm starting to hate the Cocodrilians. Only issue I could find was that It took me a while to figure out how to open the Character/Spell Screen. Having Ester explain it to you when she joins the party could be helpful.

Hope to see more progress on this soon.

Have been waiting for this one for a while. Love the art, the music, and the ambient it has. Totally felt like an interactive Junji Ito story to me.
I agree with Arkbrik on some details:
  • Sometimes is difficult to figure out where to click, maybe adding an animated border to the buttons could help.
  • Inconsistency on the controls. Even if it says what to do on the screen, always having to figure out what to do ruins the immersion to some degree. Having everything use the same control scheme (arrow keys, or mouse clicks) would make it way more intuitive.
  • More interactive scenarios,would make a big improvement.
  • Storyline feels to random and sometimes it can get repetitive, but I believe that's something you are already working on.

Can't wait to see how this game grows, it has a lot of potential to become something more than amazing.

Lots of interesting new stuff.
- Red Knight was a really fun fight.
- The new weapon system was good too. Took me a while to figure out how to use Dyrnwyn though.
- Was the Berserk mode removed in this demo?
- One of the spiders seems to get stuck at the room entrance for a while. Not sure if it was supposed to do that or not.
- I miss being able to break the lamps or going inside the houses on the village. You know, people love breaking stuff in games. It could be another interesting addition to the secrets rooms, finding them by breaking walls or items that block the entrance.
- The green coat is another small but great detail. I can see cosmetic things like that (or the AggyDagger in older demos) becoming collectables in the future.
Again, not too much to say, I just love this game a lot. Great job, as always.

I liked the new twist you gave to Kirby's gameplay. And loved then hand drawin style of the graphics.
A couple of suggestions:
The stars should show you how far away from the enemies you have to be to absorb them.
Sometimes I accidentally clicked outside the game, It would be great if the game paused itself when that happens.
Had a lot of fun playing it. Good Job.

As I said before, I'm really happy to see how much this game has grown since DD9. It has become a really fun platformer, with very cute graphics and nicely done animations.
Found two interesting bugs. First one: seems MC's hitbox/mask is way bigger than what it should be. If you move carefully and slowly on top a platform you can get her standing on the air besides it.
Second one: I mentioned it before to you, and Hemmingfish found it too, the one where the camera goes back to the checkpoint but you never reappear there. I think I found out how to do it. As the camera moves towards the checkpoint.press any of the directional arrows or jump button and you'll trigger it.
Again, great job and amazing improvements. Hope to see more.

Posted in DD jam comments

Controls and physics are excellent, they feel clean and nice. Keybinds would be great, I found myself pressing Z to jump instead of the space bar a couple of times. If you have plans of having more longer levels I would say the difficulty is a little bit too high, lava could be a little bit slower, or you could have a checkpoint after a difficult section.

Really nice graphics and animations, liked the little amount of sounds it had too. Game looks really polished.for an early demo.
Physics take some time to get used to but they aren't bad either. As Wur said you need to add something that shows the player how and where the shooting and floor breaking mechanics work, at least the first time you need to use them. I liked the boss that jumps and damages you when he lands, but he also needs to introduce that mechanic to the player before the fight actually starts, so you don't lose a hit while figuring out what to do.
Hope to see more updates on this soon.

You can't imagine how much I was waiting to play this. Wasn't dissapointed at all.
Not sure if you had plans to keep working on this, but here's my feedback:
Game Over menu is a bit difficult to use due to the mouse being invisible.
An option to have a fixed camera behind Sanix all the time would be great. Something you can toggle on and off during the game.
Also got the negative lives bug.
Somehow managed to clip Sanix through a platform and made him land on the ground below on his side. It wasn't game breaking (as soon as I made him walk he got on his legs again) and it was pretty hilarious, so is probably not worth fixing it.

One of my favourites AGDG games.
A small toggeable arrow showing you where to go in the map could be useful. I got lost for a while in one room and didn't figure out that jump intil I saw it done in a screenshot here.
Checkpoint room at the far right can be missleading. You can climb the wall and there is clearly a small space on top of it, but it leads to nowhere.
Sometimes it looks like you landed a hit on the crow (specially with the bigger swords) but you didn't.
A cleared/visited percentaje/room indicator in the map screen would be great (some time ago I asked you a screenshot of the full cleared map to checkif I missed something) Check how the map works on LoS: Mirror of Fate. How it shows you where to go and where have you been, is really good.
Again, love this game and hope to see more of it soon.

Very interesting game. I like the ambient a lot, and find funny how a game with a mimic as main character can look so cute.
Only weird stuff I could mention is that sometimes enemies spawn on what it appears to be outside the maps boundaries, and you can't cross them to get them Is this done intentionally? Also thi probably was in the tutorial and I skipped it, but I took too much time figuring out you had to sleep in the bed at some point to advance. Maybe a fool proof hint would do great. Hope to see more progress on this.

I really wanted to play this one again, and I'm amazed how much it has evolved since DD9. It feels and looks really polished and well thought. Art reminds me of old arcade games and that a good point in my book. And congratulations, you managed to code mosquitoes as annoying as their real life counterpart.

Really nice, I enjoyed it a lot. A couple of suggestions: First time I played I accidentally clicked outside the window, the game was paused as it lost its focus and that was great, but as soon as I clicked the window inside it unpaused and I was in a bad spot. In a game like this one, where one wrong movement means a lot, I think it would be better to keep the game paused until the player presses a key to unpause it when he is ready to keep playing. Have you thought about changing the cursor to something less intrusive? Maybe replace the arrow with a small gem or bow on the witch's hat?
Again, I liked this game a lot, and I'm looking forward your progress on it.

Lots of improvements on every aspect.
I'm very interested on how this will keep growing.
Is the animation of the stars column supposed to stop when you toch them?

As I have said before, impressive work here. Boss fight was great.
Can you control how far away from you the ice spike spawns? Kinda looked like you can to me, but couldn't figure out a way to do it.

Don't have too much to say about this one, it keeps getting better and better.
Hope you find an artist soon, because this game totally deserves it.

Loved playing this one. Mechanics are simple but really interesting. I like the strategy/puzzle vibe it gives, and how well it could work both as a stand alone game, or as a battle system of a bigger RPG-like game.
I'm very interested on future updates.

Movement is good, and music is great. I had a lot of troubles figuring out the control scheme though. Instead of having a really small pic of the keyboard and joystick at the begining with color codes (an idea that doesn't work too well for color blind people) you could have a small pic of each button's function when you need to use it for he first time.

Huge improvemtns on this one, specially on graphics. Had a lot of fun playing it.
Like Sinoc said, you need a button to skip conversations, or at least make the dialog box smaller or semi-transparent, as it takes too much space on the screen and sometimes can hide an enemy and get you killed.
Not sure if this was a bug or a rare ocurrence, but I found what looked like an enemy that didn't react to me at all. Then I figured out I had killed him before and his body just happened to end standing exactly like a living one. Was kinda confusing.

Hard but nice and fun. I agree with snekdev on the fact that a little bit of (low) gravity would make the game feel more dinamic, and would make the navigation more interesting in my opinion. Would like to see how this would be with a little bit of polishing.

Epilepsy/10. Really simple yet fun game.
I would suggest a change on the settings screen key to something more intuitive (Esc would work great but I guess that could mess up with the full screen on browsers), or at least add an exist button there. The game should get paused when you open that settings menu.
You can get large scores if you keep flying in small circles. One idea I got to prevent players from doing that is adding a fuel meter you need to fill up by collecting items. That would force players to actually move around the map instead of staying in the same place forever.

Not too much to say about this. nurikabe's post nailed what I was going to write perfectly.
A reverse color option with a dark background would be a great addition, to make it lest harsh on the eyes.
One of my favourite games on this Jam.

You know a game is well done when is fun and interesting to play even if everything are boxes with letters and numbers. Gameplay is solid, controls and physics are perfect. I had a hard time with the wall jumpng too.

It's really well done, and you nailed the idea you had in mind perfectlu. There is something that makes it feel odd and I can't really explain what it is. Game is not slow, and the controls are responsive, but somehow it still feels "laggy", like I'm playing SMB with really low framerate. f you manage to fix that it would be perfect.

Editing my feed back a little after playing the new version.
Again I liked a lot how this ended looking. Backgrounds, UI and main character are great, but I feel that there is a lot of different styles clashing between them, for example how the main character lacks lineart while the backgrounds have very strong lines (but I'm not sure how many of the assets are place holders either).
Level design is interesting, and since you keep finding new stuff once on a while it doesn't get boring at all.
Like I said previously hope to see more progress soon, I really want to see it grow.

Really liked this. Solid gameplay and great art style. Reminded me a lot of SDF Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie, wich is a good thing, because is one of my favourite shooters. I agree with the other reviews about the ship (and sometimes the enemy bullets too) getting difficult to see on the first stage background, specially after you respawn. I also had a big framedrops after killing the mini-bosses, but seems it gets fixed by turning Vsync on. Great Job and hope to see more of this game.

Thanks for the video! It was amazing!
I'm glad you had fun playing!

Glad to know you enjoyed it! Don't worry about being "overly critical", this kind of detailed reviews are exactly what helps me to improve on the game. I'll keep an eye on the diagonal movement and I'm also planning to add more variety soon, like introducing new kinds of enemies as you advance on the game, and different kinds of bonus stages. Still have to plan a lot about the progression, maybe you'll go to other locations at some point.