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Thank You!! Makes me really happy to know you liked the game so much! 
There is a lot of new stuff planned for the next update, so I'll do my best to fulfill your expectations!!

I'm using Game Maker.

I'm glad you liked the game so much! Can't wait for that halloween stream!
And don't worry I have lots of ideas for games I'd love to make!

Hello! I'm really happy that you had so much fun playing the game!
I have been working very slowly recently, but the project is still active, so your feedback is highly appreciated. It helps me a lot to keep improving.
I'm already working on some of the issues you found. Thanks for your help!

Had a lot of fun playing it! I can't wait for new updates on it. A couple of things that came to my mind while playing:
 - Pressing spacebar to delete the entire line (since is closer to the letters than DEL, and could check again the line to bypass the bug PHI and I found)
 - Having a visual cue for mistakes, like the text on top of the skeleton turning red. (toggeable probably)
 - Being able to reset from the clipboard text mode without having to exit the game.
Again, love this and hope to see more of it soon!

Really fun and addictive game. Loved its mechanics and graphics.
I agree with Mayo and DeepBlueMax: Having a short and skippable cutscene or a visual cue, like a small crosshair, would be really helpful (at least at the start of the game, you could get rid of it after the player reaches certain score) since it took me a while to to figure out what I was exactly doing to aim at the enemies correctly. Hope you keep working on this! It has lots of potential!

Don't worry, that happens all the time to me.
Sounds really interesting, can't wait to see that gimmick working in game. I personally love rotoscoped sprites, they remind me of Prince of Persia and Karateka, two wonderful games I used to play a lot as a kid. 

Sorry for the late reply.
Yeah you nailed Castlevania's feel very closely, that's always good in my book.
I'm now very curious about the movement gimming and how stuff will work around it, sounds really interesting.
Have you tried using "stolen" sprites and animations as placeholders until you get the real assets? It could help you a lot with the stuff that's difficult to code without a visual reference.
Anyway, the project sounds really promising so I think you will find an artist eventually.

Very simple but good demo. Controls and physics feel good, remind me a lot of NES Castlevanias so I'm assuming you took a lot of inspiration from them. 
A few observations: 
  • Camera shouldn't move up when the player jumps unless they are too close to the top of the screen.
  • Player hitbox could be a little smaller, as you can "stand" on your tail at the edge of platforms with your feet on the air.
  • I'm assuming the graphics are placeholders, but colors are a little bright and clash to much. 
  • In Castlevania the player stops walking when you attack adding a little bit of difficulty since you have to plan your movements better and choose if you are going to attack or move (Again, I'm assuming you are aiming for something similar to those games)

You have a really solid base to make a very good game. I'm already interested on what this will become. Do you have any specific goal or idea in mind? I would love to know. Good job!

Believe me, this game deserves that and much more. Lots of respect to everyone working on it!
Yeah, I suspected you weren't using Z to continue because of that. Don't worry about it, it was a mostly a personal pet peeve, and I planned to play it with a controller later anyway.
Black bars will be a great addition,  I found myself fighting against those scaling issues for my game too, and in the end solved it by letting the player choose even resolutions and then stretching that with antialiasing for the full screen mode (so on a 768 monitor the game will actually run at 720p, getting a little stretched) of course some minor blur will be involved, but I find it barely noticeable. 
Really nice effect there on the guitar, it totally has some synthy and retro sound that fits perfectly with the game while still sounding like the real thing.

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The floating issue I mentioned is probably that Sonic throw then.
And don't worry I think Demo Day is meant to be Debug Day to some degree too. When you have been working on something too much you tend to oversee things but others won't, that's why others feedback is so helpful.
I'm not sure if tumblr has an actual character limit, but I have written pretty long entries there. You can also keep a devlog for each game here on itch, but for a more general, or talking about various projects tumblr is probably a better option.
Again, great job, and I'm glad I can be helpful!

No problem, I'm glad I could help!
I learned the game from people at school, the rules we used were:
  • Each player only can  make one short line (the lenght of a square's side) per turn. 
  • If your line closes one square you mark it as yours.
  • If closing that square gives you the chance to make another one by adding only one line you can close it and mark it too.

Made a small gif in case my explanation wasn't clear:

A story mode sounds great.
And don't worry, art is the kind of stuff you never stop learning about.
Again, Loved the demo and hope to see more of this game soon!

Not too much to say about this one, this game is just amazing and is aiming to become one of my favorites spaceship shooters.
My only observations about it are: 

  • Pressing esc to continue feels weird, probably makes sense when using a controller (pause button I assume) but for a keyboard layout I would use Z or X like the rest of the menus do. 
  • Full screen mode (on a 1366x768 screen) isn't pixel perfect, is a shame because the beautiful art gets distorted (specially noticeable on the dithering)
And a small question: Is the main guitar on Stage 1's theme a real guitar or a very good synth/VSTi? Sounds great.
Again, I have no words to say how much I love this game. Great job!

As khryse said, beside the nice looking graphics you need to find a hook for this game. I think focusing it on exploration and stealth could be a great approach.
I like how you introduce and tell the story, in a way that doesn't pause the game but isn't distracting from it either.
I'm not a big fan of the combat system at the moment, it felt like clicking randomly on enemies to me.
I'm interested on seeing how this grows and improves. Good job!

BONUS: a gif of me watching AI poncho stuck in a tree.

No problem, I'm glad I can help. 
And again, great demo!

Impressive as always. Stone Boss fight is really fun and challenging. Love how smooth the player's animations are but sometimes stuff like turning around, jumping and crouching can feel a little "laggy" because of it, increasing the speed of those animations a little could fix it, unless it's inteded to be that way. 
Had the same issues others had with the small spikes coming out of the ground, but the fight still felt fair to me.
Great art on the difficulty settings too. I'm afraid I'll miss all the funny placeholders once you replace them.

I totally forgot this wasn't real M.U.G.E.N. while playing. I'll never stop being impressed by people doing stuff like this for consoles. Only issue I found was characters getting stuck at the stage's left corner for a brief moment, mostly while jumping, but nothing game breaking they just feel floaty for a couple of seconds.
Is a shame web version freezes so much, because in my opinion a "Browser M.U.G.E.N." is also mind blowing.
I'm not sure if you have a devlog, but if you don't you should make one, I would like to know more about the limitations you have to work while doing this in a less technical way than the one explained on the forums you have linked on the game's page. Good Job!

Great additions on this one, I think I said it before but I love the new sword swinging animation, it really makes the sword feel heavy. The item and skill system is really nice, but having everything look like swords is a little bit confusing. I assume those are placeholders, though.
I think blood should be a little darker, it looks to pink to me and blends too much with the reddish backgrounds, like the one at the tutorial.
I really like how much this grows on each Demo Day. Good job!

Really nice looking and feeling game. Jump feels a little odd, but you get used to it after a while
Is the sword made of magic? If its not it would be nice to add it to the character's sprites when she is not using it.
You also need a transition animation between the standing and running ones, because the change is too sudden, specially noticeable when you hit a wall and she keeps runing a little before going to standing straight. I don't think having "the sign reads" on every sign on the tutorial is necessary, as it slows you down when reading them. Hope to see more progress on this game, looking really interesting so far. Good job!

Is really nice how you can control everything from the mouse now.
Still loving the inventory and fight mechanics.
It would be nice if you could increase the walking speed on the map by pressing a button or having an special item, like some old rpgs used to do, since the areas are bigger now.
Art is starting to look somewhat incosistent to me, with some things looking more detailed while others remain very simple and minimalistic. Hope to see more progress on this project soon. Good Job!

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Simple, and fun, with very polished graphics like all your works and amazing work by the composers.
 Arkbrik nailed pretty much all the feedback you need. I would also add some sort of arrow or other indicator that shows you where the stone will land when you are about to throw it (think about the white dots on Angry Birds) would be really helpful too. And a small animation showing a close up of Little Red Hiding Hood trowing the stone the first time you do it would look great.

Great improvement here.
Controls feel way better in this demo, and difficulty has been balanced nicely for a first enemy. I think what this game needs right now is something that makes it feel unique so people won't see it as a Punch out! clone with animals. Good job!

Wanted to play this for a while and wasn't dissapointed at all.
You got the metroidvania feel perfectly. Graphics are cute, and animations look nice and smooth.
Some observations:
  • Sometimes the ranged attack gets bugged and doesn't shoot at all, but a couple of seconds after all the shots appear together like they had lag.
  •  After a Game Over screen level's music never plays again. 
  • Boss needs some kind of health bar to see how much you have damaged it. 

Enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for the next demo. Good job!

It reminds me a lot of Contra: Hardcorps wich says a lot of good things about your game. I think having checkpoints at least on the easy difficulty wouldn't hurt too much. Gameplay is excellent and the graphics are nice but also have room for improvement. I'm already waiting for the next demo! Great Job!

Really simple but fun game.
I was surprised that it uses a different set of rules than the one I used to play at school. Adding different sets of rules could be an interesting way to make the game bigger  and increase replayability. 
Having an AI and netplay on this is an amazing idea, as this is the kind of game that sometimes you want to play but can't if you are alone. Great Job!

Just played it a couple of times. Beautiful art, beautiful music, simple but fun gameplay. I can tell I will be replaying this a lot.
Small feedback:
- Monsters could drop more gold if you kill them without receiving any damage.
- Monsters shouldn't drop hearts if you are at full HP.
- Weapon set resets back to set 1 when you arrive a new floor.
- Options reset after the Game Over screen (biggest issue to me).
- Game over screen could show how far you got.
Anyway, really beautiful and fun game,  I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Great improvements on v0.06. Collisions work perfectly now and moving platforms are not impossible to get through anymore. A different set of tiles for them would help realizing you need to move on top of them when they do at first sight. Maybe making them Ice looking (so it makes sense they are slippery), while making the rest of the level stone looking could work pretty well.
Only thing I could add: Is difficult to see if you are damaging your enemies or not when you hit them, but I'm not sure if it is inteded that way or not. To me it feels like you aren't damaging them after attacking them for a while until you do something else (like moving or jumping) before attacking them again, Adding a small knock back to them when you hit them could prevent this, and also prevent them stacking on top of each other when a lot of them spawn together.
I like the ambient and the dino sprites a lot. Can't wait to see how the 2nd level will play with the 3D gimmick.

Short and simple, but pretty fun. Really good news to know you'll keep working on it. I believe with a little bit of strategy on it, you will have gold in your hands.
42 humans crushed so far.

Perfect game for a Jam. Short, simple, fun, and it looks and sounds great. Congrats for a great work.

Really polished game with great graphics/animations and a very interesting gameplay idea.
Some stuff that could use some work in my opinion:
  • Small clues about where to go. Not exactly something too obvious like arrows, but something subtler would work great.
  • Destructible walls should be different than normal walls, again a subtle difference.
  • Hitboxes on the terrain are a little off sometimes, you can jump through some rocks.
  • Player gets too much momentum and feels slippery. It can make some jumps tricky.

With clever level design that forces you use the throw mechanics in a strategic way this will be a great game.

Really fun and promising. You nailed perfectly how NES Castlevanias.feel.
So far the only issue I found was that sometimes enemies can knock you back through the walls, and out of the level, forcing you to restart the game. Happened to me 3 times at the boss battle, and once in the room with lots of bats.
As you can imagine already, I'm loving this game and hope to see more progress on it. Great job!

You can tell it's a very early demo, so there isn't too much to say. Really well executed options, graphics need some polishing, but I see a lot of potential. Plus being an actual Genesis game makes it even more impressive in my opinion. Hope to see more progress soon.

This was way more difficult than what I expected it to be, but way more fun too.
  • I would give the player more HP at the start, and maybe make him move a little bit faster, and gradually increase the difficulty level.
  • Something indicating the weapon you are using at the moment and if you are or not in god mode would be a good addition to the UI.

Finally, not related to the game, but the readme file was amusing too.
Hope to see more progress on this game soon.

I agree with nurikabe's feelings about how it reminds you of some older fps, but feels fresh at the same time. Some stuff that needs work in my opinion.
  • Side walking without moving the camera could work very well (Think about Wolfenstein)
  • Sometimes you can kill zombies without having your mouse over them
  • Lamp besides the bed can be shot, it makes the breaking noise, but it doesn't break.
  • Light of that same lamp goes throught the wall sometimes and the bookcase on the other side lights up.
  • Is easy to clic outside of the game if you play on windowed mode. Mouse should be restricted inside the game until you pause it.
  • Couldn't take the paper from the bookcase either.
Very short but fun demo. It has a lot of potential.

Really fun, and polished, to the point it has a huge professional feel to it.
Reminds me a lot of Contra and that says a lot of good stuff about it.
Sewer level/boss battle, felt a little long/repetitive at some point, a small wave/enemy counter would work well for that.
Amazing work on this.

Not too much to say. Great and fun as always. Big improvements on the boss, it doesn't feel unfair anymore. Can't wait to have more elaborate levels with enemies and more bosses on this!
Control rebinding worked fine for me.