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Play as a rectangle as he goes on a quest to fight a larger rectangle.
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline

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You know a game is well done when is fun and interesting to play even if everything are boxes with letters and numbers. Gameplay is solid, controls and physics are perfect. I had a hard time with the wall jumpng too.


This remiends me a lot of Tacoman (the Touhou fangame, not the newgrounds series) and Tempest of Hevean and Earth. The former leans more into the Mega Man side, and the latter more into the DMC type combat. It also reminds me a bit of The Kiron Quest, what with the magic.

The game obviously looks like an engine test, but the gameplay has a pretty good start. The enemies need more feedback when they're hit, and it doesn't really seem possible to do proper juggle combos at the moment. The magic also leaves a bit to be desired, but I'm assuming the stuff you acquire later will have a bit more specticle.

I can't wait to see this with assets.


Updated .exe to fix 2 bugs and add a short blurb in the pause menu on how to use magic.


Oh you're supposed to use the down + magic ability to make an ice block and then jump off of that if you don't know how to wall-jump. I probably should have put more time into making the maps as they were pretty rushed. Thanks for the feedback.


It has some solid mechanics, but they still need some polishment, I spend like 5 minutes trying to pass that part with the wall jumping (or I'm probably just that bad) I really want to see how it looks with some sprites!