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Vampire's Bit [DEMO 3.1]View game page »

Help this cute vampire to get something to drink!
Submitted by VampireDev with 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline

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I really liked your game, It actually looks like a real NES title and the difficult setting is pretty good.

But there is something that bothers me and that's the time limit, it's probably something that you implemented to add stress to the player but you should really consider adding 10 seconds more at leasts. There were times when I died by time limit just before reaching the goal.


Waifu aside, this seems like a real game that could've been made during the era you're going for and included on a 1000 game compilation cartridge. This can be a compliment if you want it to be. In that capacity it already stands on its own, although an extra enemy or some equivalent to the Pacman fruit wouldn't go amiss. I like the hunter's AI.

  • As always your title screen pixel art looks really nice.
  • I game over'd on Night 4 due to running out of time. I think you need another way to scale the difficulty as the nights progress (although I guess this is just for the demo).
  • I'd be interested to see how the game would play with: way longer time limit, 2+ enemy dudes, only 1 villager girl at a time, and some way to affect the movement of the other characters (e.g. lure the enemies away while you trap the girl). Or something. Just more a "stealth game" compared to the current "frantically mass leech hordes of girls".
  • You've really captured the classic pixel art aesthetic well.
  • I can't really tell what the enemy dude is doing when he catches you. It sort of looks like he's holding something up but I can't tell what it is... maybe it should be a cross?
  • The girls really like running across the bridges towards me at the start.

It's very bare right now, but this reminds me a lot of various old Commodore 64 and ZX Specturm games, mainly Castle Wolfenstien. With more levels and maybe an Evil Otto to spice things up, this could be a cool callback to that era of simple games.