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Zero Quest (Demo Day 9 Prototype)View game page

Turn based grid RPG about video game characters that escape their games
Submitted by zeroquest — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline

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Cute game, I'm definitely interested. The character design is fun and tells you a lot about what type of game they come from in a subtle way, except for the ghost who is maybe a little blatant. Writing and sound are charming.

Few points of criticism. Will you actually get all the party members at the same time in the full release? I feel like getting 5 party members worth of skills in one go is a little overwhelming. It might just be a temporary demo addition, but giving the player some time to experiment before adding more characters would be good.

Also, is there a reason that the attack action command has to be pressing Space? I feel like it'd be a lot more intuitive to just have the same (directional) key that you used to attack would also be used for the action command.


You've made a very charming game that plays very well.

I only encountered a few issues: The Ninja Fort crash that's already been mentioned, how to use skills not being clear, and how annoying the ghost fight was. Latter is probably by design though.

I think you should keep the minigames. Maybe add a bit more depth and have it effect the skill with more than a succeed or fail effect. I look forward to seeing your entry into Demo Day 10


Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll take all your feedback into consideration as I worked towards Demo Day 10! I'm glad everyone seems to like the story/dialogue since I'm really not used to writing...

Sorry about the Items menu - it's just a placeholder at the moment (since Items aren't actually implemented yet). I've fixed the crash when leaving the ninja fort (but haven't uploaded a new build). I'll try removing the "monsters get a free turn when you enter fight mode" thing (it was just meant to make it harder but it is a bit annoying).

Since the tutorial seems to have fixed the issues that people had in Demo Day 8 with not understanding how to play, I'm going to focus next on getting the gameplay as smooth and fun as possible (which likely means revamping the skill microgames or removing them). Once that's all sorted I can probably start working on the actual world!

Really love the vibe and flavor of this game, very charming. I didn't have any problems with the control scheme, personally. I love how the enemies dissolve onto the ground. I like how the ninja fort is shaped like a shuriken. Although you may as well have called it a ghost fort. You can still press the Quest button after your entire party dies which prompts an unholy audio hell of repeating menu noises. I presume that a game over state will prevent this but figured you should know.

I'm confused about the Skills and Items, I could never get any of em to work.
If I try to walk off the edge of the world in the Ninja fort area, the game crashes for me.

Keep up the good work can't wait for the full release.


The visuals and tone are great, and all of the characters give off a lot of charm, almost like you've got a Saturday Morning Supercade or Captian N thing going on. I've got no knocks against the gameplay itself, but the controls and interface leave some to be desired. I kept getting killed by ninja gang bangs upon entering combat, or my muscle memory telling me that S is for down. You could probably alleviate most of that by adding an option for automatically entering combat mode or not having entering combat pass time.

Other than that, the game seemed to randomly crash a lot in the ninja fort, and it would crash repeatedly trying to exit the area. If there's anything to the demo, I wasn't able to get to it.