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A jam entry

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SRPG Game Engine
Submitted by HowDoGameDev with 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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Standard menu system and turn sequencing stuff is all there which is nice, but I'd suggest considering the addition of mouse controls if you plan to have this on PCs. The menus worked for stuff like SNES and PSP where the main inclination is to use a dpad, but I feel the mouse should be taken advantage of to skip a lot of these menus and sub menus.

Personally not a fan of fantastical creatures, like mushrooms and manti, being playable units. Movement time feels way too slow for me. There were times where the camera wouldn't home in on the unit in question for direction choice

Pretty dang good engine for an SRPG. I see scenes in the screenshots clearly inspired by Tactics Ogre and the like, which is exciting for me. Definitely interested to see more from this, though I'm not sure if this is planned to be just an engine, or a full release game at some point. Hopefully the latter.

See you in DDAY10


- I think you need a better explanation of what you're doing right when you start the game (when you're placing units) - I thought the game hadn't loaded the textures/models correctly when it was just showing black and a few tiles, and then I tried soloing the fight with just 1 dude
- When your turn ends you need to select a facing direction... is that so you can avoid being attacked from behind? Just seems a bit weird as I wasn't sure what it was doing
- The action is a bit slow - if possible I'd speed up almost all animations x2
- I like the cel shading aesthetic, although I think the grass looks a bit out of place - I think a cleaner, more solid colour look would be better
- Does Chivalry do anything?
- Overall it looks like you've got a solid base for the SRPG mechanics to work from, mostly just needs a lot of polish and user friendliness improvements
- Wow did you make your own engine?