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A jam submission

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Shoot like it's 1991
Submitted by Sinoc (@Sinoc229) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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I'm a huge fan of shmups and thank you for bringing another one into the world. So I'll just rattle off a couple things I noticed, and take the placeholder assets for what they were.

+Really like the speed-change ability, helps to adapt to both more precision projectile avoidance and quickly getting out of harm's way for huge boss attacks.
+Music and sound effects are solid. I don't know if those were ripped from anywhere, but hey they work.
+Weapon upgrades work like a dream, shootan is just sweet in general.
-Hitting the big cube enemy with the Homing weapon didn't give any indication of collision unlike the default blast.
-Fisting boss looks a little jank when he swaps immediately to the open mouth sprite without any indication of charging the laser.
-If you Game Over right before the "Warning" text, it still plays so that both the warning and the game over text overlap each other.

Overall, keep up the good work.


Really liked this. Solid gameplay and great art style. Reminded me a lot of SDF Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie, wich is a good thing, because is one of my favourite shooters. I agree with the other reviews about the ship (and sometimes the enemy bullets too) getting difficult to see on the first stage background, specially after you respawn. I also had a big framedrops after killing the mini-bosses, but seems it gets fixed by turning Vsync on. Great Job and hope to see more of this game.


The background, mainly the first stage's background, made it hard to keep track of the player. Other than that I had no complaints. I am not good at this game genre though so I had to play on Very Easy and just barely beat it.


I really love this, it feels like a classic shmooper. My only complaint that I really have is the colors. It is really easy to lose track of the player because it does not contrast well with the background.

Keep up the good work!