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Holy fuck this is awesome. The art and animation is spot on.

Only complaint is the gameplay feels a bit lacking, I think if you make the boomerang give more impact that would help a lot. Also level design could have some more fine tuning.

Keep up the awesome work.

I really love this, it feels like a classic shmooper. My only complaint that I really have is the colors. It is really easy to lose track of the player because it does not contrast well with the background.

Keep up the good work!

Flying is incredibly fun and the spells are really neat. I hope you flesh out the enviroments more in the future.

This has really come together really well, I can't wait to see how it comes out in the future.

This is really fun! The controls took a were a bit confusing at first. but all and all this was incredible and has a lot of potential!

I really like the sprites and the game feels fun to play. The controls feel a little loose in some regards, like when trying to aim down while in the air, but it only took me a bit to get used to it.

I wanna see more from this!

I really liked it the controls were weird at first but after I got used to them and started using the spells I had a really enjoyable time with it!

I really liked the style and the sprite work was really good, my only issue was the controls felt a little clunky at points.

Keep it up!