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Your user interface is very friendly. Able to control things very quickly. The skills that allow forceful unit movement adds strategic depth.

Only issues I see so far: I think I managed to lock up the game. An enemy unit with 1 HP died from the burn effect. Looks like his turn never ended so I'm just stuck. Everything's still running, it just doesn't move any further.

HP display for units becomes unreadable depending on zoom. Might make it have a set scale that it always stays at.

You've made a very charming game that plays very well.

I only encountered a few issues: The Ninja Fort crash that's already been mentioned, how to use skills not being clear, and how annoying the ghost fight was. Latter is probably by design though.

I think you should keep the minigames. Maybe add a bit more depth and have it effect the skill with more than a succeed or fail effect. I look forward to seeing your entry into Demo Day 10

Very well made. I didn't play all the way through, but I think you did a fantastic job of illustrating how each new mechanic works. Level design flowed well. Good job.

As pizzaboy10 said, it took a moment to get used to the controls. Outside of that, everything worked fine. Being able to knock units into other units is a fun mechanic and makes it play like billiards.

i was unable to escape or restart the game upon completing the battle, regardless of the outcome. I may just be dense though.

Please report any bugs or crashes encountered with this version here in the following format:

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