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SWORDNBOARDView game page

action adventure top down fight kill the enemies yes but be wary its not done
Submitted by Mondev — 15 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline

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Don't know if it's just because it runs slow in my pc (for some reason) but I think he walks too slow, I need to go running all the time when probably the point of running was just to evade enemies. Those shadows are pretty exaggerated too imo, you should at least give them some color so it doesn't look bland.
I think the concept is really interesting tho, so I really want to see how it keeps evolving.


Copying my post from the thread:

1) Either lose the stamina, or tie something else to it, like weapon swings or shield up duration/hit threshold
2) The fog is fucked, draw the lines from the internal walls, I did a little mockup.
3) Should fireballs clear the fog? Either make it "lighting clears the fog" or "character's line of sight clears the fog"
4) More about the fog: not sure how you want to go with it, but usually only the dynamic objects, i.e. enemies/traps/etc are obscured, and the general level geometry is visible, or at least becomes visible as you progress through the level
5) Make the fireballs recoil from the shield! :^)

All the aforementioned stuff is obviously my own preference, but hey, you asked for it. Overall pretty good start, get to it!