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A jam submission

Super Demo Day 10 Jetpack Robot TurboView game page

An adventure/danmaku game.
Submitted by nurikabe — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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Pretty nice game, needs some variance in enemies and their attacks though. I don't really like the random spray patterns of the shots. There should also be a visual indicator when your helmet breaks.

I think it would be better if you could shoot up/down the same way as left/right, simply by flying in that direction and pressing Z. Having to use X to aim felt a bit awkward.

Compared to your screenshots, I'm missing what I assume are health bars above the numbers (Linux version, the font also looks different so if you're using text rendering for the bars that might be why).


Forgot to add - metal shoes would also be great, as right now you are forced to go to the floor as soon as you enter a room without cover, due to the higher chance of survival because of the helmet, shoes would give more choice.


The playfulness of game is amazing. The hits and even deaths feel great and so does the dialogue, which for some reason reminds me of Megaman Zero. Really appreciate the helmet mechanic - blocking shots is great.

On the other hand it's hard to make out what the objects on the screen are, except for the bullets Also the difficulty is a bit high when playing it for the first time; hope to beat it at some point.


I really like the new graphics on this one, the game in general feels better too, is a bit less rude with the player now that you don't have 3 enemies shooting directly at you. But I was thinking that is a bit unbalanced to have the enemies have the same type of shoot than you, that should fit more in a boss battle in my opinion, I mean, if they shoot in the place the bullets go to three different directions, just like the player, and that makes it really tricky if you fight two enemies at the same time, have you thought about limiting their range of shooting just a bit?


Just a simple footage of the game play:

I hope it'll be helpful.


Huge improvemtns on this one, specially on graphics. Had a lot of fun playing it.
Like Sinoc said, you need a button to skip conversations, or at least make the dialog box smaller or semi-transparent, as it takes too much space on the screen and sometimes can hide an enemy and get you killed.
Not sure if this was a bug or a rare ocurrence, but I found what looked like an enemy that didn't react to me at all. Then I figured out I had killed him before and his body just happened to end standing exactly like a living one. Was kinda confusing.


Bugs, since whoever though 1024 characters was a good length is a bad person:

  • Sometimes bullets would just be invisible
  • Sometimes bullets wouldn't do anything, not even make a hit spark
  • Sometimes both!
  • Not sure if a bug or intentional, but the game looks like it's either bilinearly filtered or passed though a shitty composite filter
  • I got stuck on a door going back and forth between rooms once, I could only fix it with a hard reset.
  • Submitted

    This game is kinda neat, it reminds me a lot of an NES game I can't remember the name of (Arino played it once) with a similar premise, complete with the protag being the little girl. However, the execution of it is a pretty sloppy, witch is to be expected for a jam game, but is a little less so for something with more time put into it. The time slow down mechanics are novel on paper, but they actually make the game a lot less fluid to play, and the enemies seem to be able to shoot 360 degrees, but you are restricted to the 4 directions, witch creates situations of impassible cover fire, If your going to do that regularly, make the bullet patterns fixed and observable rather than being a random spread.. Oh, and a button to shut up your teammates to reclaim the bottom 20% of the screen would be nice too.