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A jam submission

Alone in the Forest – DemoView game page

A platformer with flower picking
Submitted by Kvrepo — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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Alone in the Forest – Demo's page

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@Sinoc Thank you for explaining your concerns! I know that most side scrollers on the PC use that keyboard layout, but I never understood why. On consoles: left hand is for control, right for functions. Same for FPS games, and, well, most games I know: left for movement, right for special stuff. That's why I thought I would stick to WASD and JKL. Alt and Enter just switches to full screen, but I understand that using the items is a hassle. Thank you again! I really appreciate it!

@Wur Thank you for your feedback! Apparently, it's my fault that I didn't explain the controls well enough. You could collect orange flowers (L) and then use them (2) to refill your energy to run some more. Without that, it could be pretty hard, I have to admit. I'm really sorry about that.


I think the movement and the collisions were nicely done and hiding behind bushes is a nice add to these kinds of games, but I was surprised that there is no way to kill the enemies, and there are tons of them on some places, like having at the same time the frog that can jump all the space that the camera show and the dogs/wolves running behind you and always being close to you even if you are behind a bush.

Also how does that running bar works? You can use it only one time and when it gets empty you can't do it anymore and can't charge it either?


@Kvrepo Regarding the keyboard controls, it's like you are trying to reinvent the wheel here. Arrow keys + ZXC + Numbers was never broke, so I don't understand why your trying to fix it. The way you have it set up, with enter and both alts and what have you, makes the player take his hand off the keyboard to reach those buttons, witch makes doing things that require those buttons quickly difficult and finding the right keys again strange with the layout.


@Sinoc: Thanks for the honest feedback! You are right, maybe I'm overthinking sprinting. I don't want to be a special snowflake regarding controls, and I don't quite get what you are pointing at. Is using the number buttons for item usage is uncomfortable? I wasn't sure about that, so if it is, I really appreciate that you've mentioned it.

@VampireDev: Thank you for the feedback! I like the idea of introducing controls like that. I hope you don't mind if I steal that.


Movement is good, and music is great. I had a lot of troubles figuring out the control scheme though. Instead of having a really small pic of the keyboard and joystick at the begining with color codes (an idea that doesn't work too well for color blind people) you could have a small pic of each button's function when you need to use it for he first time.


I see that this is super early, but this sort of game embodies everything about why 2d sprite based games are geting a bad rap right now. Some of the design completely baffles me (like the whole ordeal around sprinting being a power up), the keyboard controls look and feel like you've done it up that way just to be a special snowlake or your trying to emulate the PC version of MGS2, and the art is down right awfull.

The music is pretty 'jammin, but the rest of the game is most certainly not.