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Vampire's Bit [DEMO 3.1]View game page

Help this cute vampire to get something to drink!
Submitted by VampireDev — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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  • Giving extra lives for extra villagers is nice, but giving one for each of them is too generous. I got to 20 lives in level 2 which killed all the challenge.
  • Some visual glitches, like the hunters being occasionally invisible, characters drawn behind the houses while being in front, and the player character sticking around after transforming into a bat.
  • Finally in the 19th level, the exit never appeared after reaching the target. I tried multiple times but eventually had to give up and kill myself 25 times to reach the game over screen. Perhaps this has something to do with the level goal of villagers being the same as the threshold for extra lives?

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I like how the game looks and plays, but on the technical side it still needs polish, and lots of it.


A nice looking, fun little bite-sized game, which is unfortunately plagued by several small and some not-so-small issues. Here are some of them:

  • Pressing left in settings when scale is x1 seems to set it to 0 in the background, which will then get saved and the next time you start the game it will open in a tiny window with nothing in it. Also, if fullscreen mode is enabled the next startup will result in a black screen, requiring manual editing of the config to fix.
  • In the later levels where villager spawn rate was lower, all the villagers seemed to spawn from the same door. The whole level was about me running laps around the house with 2 hunters chasing me on top of each other, and trying to time the lap to pass the door when the next villager spawned.

Some game play footage:


Really cute, this could be fun in multiplayer with bigger levels/camouflage for the vampire-tan.


Pretty fun as always, the new animations look good, but the filters are kinda weird and the CRT even slowed down the game for me.
The levels are generated randomly or something? Because it would be nice if the position of the river change too, to add a bit more of variety. And probably some other kind of village people, like characters that run faster or slower.


I think your game's demo is a success if people's main complaint is they want more. The art and game mechanics are really good, everything flows together and it really feels like a fun arcade game from the late 80's.

I agree with everyone else, I would love to see more

Like the rest have mentioned more features/mechanics would up the enjoyment, for the rest i like the theme and vibe. main charater in game has great aesthetics.


It's a fun little game, but could use a few more mechanics to make it really interesting. The levels have dead ends that are annoying to get stuck in when you are running from a hunter. It's also easy to confuse the hunters and villagers at a quick glance; maybe use different colors for them?


Post was too long, here's bugs

  1. The music would more often than not go nuts every round, either playing for a second then stoping, playing at double speed, starting over when eating a villager, etc
  2. The vampire hunter gets stuck on the top-left of the map a lot.
  3. A rock spawned between the right house and the bottom fence, making the vampire hunters hanging out by the door wondering where I was, with suicide being the only way out.
  4. It's sometimes possible to continue walking around after finishing a level.
  5. The game took about a minuet to give the proper game over screen after running out of lives.
  6. The vampire hunters like to double up, removing the whole point of there being 2.
  7. One of the villagers got stuck in a loop of going in and out the house from whatever exit she just took
  8. Real CRT's dont't cover the screen with transparent legos, try messing with convergance and tilting the yolk instead

I was really hoping there would be more to the game since last time. Aside from the layout change and random rocks, the gameplay has barely been improved or innovated on. The game needs multiple (actually designed) levels and some enemy variety. Hell, even Pacman has more levels and enemies than this. Focus on the gameplay first and worry about the frills later.