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A member registered Sep 08, 2016

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Would have liked to test the game but my pc is saying your exe is mallware.

I liked the feel of the game sounds were good to.

on another note i couldn't take the paper after 3 resets without things in my inventory or with things in my inventory also http://imgur.com/a/A87Rh

awesome game with a nice style but the death resets everything feels kinda outa place in a physics based game.

why is this so good.

Like the rest have mentioned more features/mechanics would up the enjoyment, for the rest i like the theme and vibe. main charater in game has great aesthetics.

Liked it has a really good theme and feel to it.

if i were to give a - its for the information about weapons its kinda hard to grasp what you will be getting, wel for me it was atleast.

Looking pretty slick so far going in the right direction if i can give a main point that would be when you do right up + X or left up + X currently it will use your horizontal move it might be better to give priority to the up X move.

Not much of a writer but have to say loved where you are going with this game liked almost all aspect.