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Copying my post from the thread:

1) Either lose the stamina, or tie something else to it, like weapon swings or shield up duration/hit threshold
2) The fog is fucked, draw the lines from the internal walls, I did a little mockup.
3) Should fireballs clear the fog? Either make it "lighting clears the fog" or "character's line of sight clears the fog"
4) More about the fog: not sure how you want to go with it, but usually only the dynamic objects, i.e. enemies/traps/etc are obscured, and the general level geometry is visible, or at least becomes visible as you progress through the level
5) Make the fireballs recoil from the shield! :^)

All the aforementioned stuff is obviously my own preference, but hey, you asked for it. Overall pretty good start, get to it!

Super tight movement, the tileset is a bit ambiguous (background walls done with the same tiles as the foreground), and the casual in me thinks that the mush tree is op as fuck. Overall pretty dope, would play more.

Greenfam unite!

Check the game page for keybindings yo

Game of the jam.

Oh hey, fellow Top Down Template enthusiast! The animations and effects look really cool and punchy, but man, I fucking hate unreal's pathfinding. This got potential, excited to see what will you do with it.

Brilliant presentation for such a minimalist game. Really looking forward to what's to come.

Really cute, this could be fun in multiplayer with bigger levels/camouflage for the vampire-tan.

Holy fucking shit, this is so good. The only thing I'm partial about is the music, way too cheery for such an artsyle.

Top cute.

We've got the new Perfect Stride right here, boys