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A jam entry

Sugar and Spice[DEMO]View game page »

Candy-themed action platformer starring a Bubblegum Princess
Submitted by OIDyre (@OnlyImaginary) with 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline

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Really nice graphics and animations, liked the little amount of sounds it had too. Game looks really polished.for an early demo.
Physics take some time to get used to but they aren't bad either. As Wur said you need to add something that shows the player how and where the shooting and floor breaking mechanics work, at least the first time you need to use them. I liked the boss that jumps and damages you when he lands, but he also needs to introduce that mechanic to the player before the fight actually starts, so you don't lose a hit while figuring out what to do.
Hope to see more updates on this soon.


You did a really nice job with the sprites and the animations, everything looks really cute and the controls are responsive, however I was expecting a bit more, I mean you made sounds effects for the character but not for enemies or when they get killed, also I didn't know that you can shot and do that attack to break floors, you should try to add something to tell the controls to the player.

HUT. It's super kawaii but needs lots of work tbh. If I were in your shoes I'd polish what's already there to a shine before adding any new stuff.


Top cute.


I get that it's early, but it seems like you spent some months on the visuals and then handed the assets off to an intern at an accounting firm to make the game in a week. It's barely functional and has about as much polish as Action 52. Truth be told, I don't even really like the art style either, the levels are bland and the enemies look like they've been taken from the stereotypical candy themed episode of a shitty 80's cartoon.

I mean, if your aiming for the 7 year old girl audience, then compared to the barbie games your competing against this is decent, but for everyone else it's pretty crap.


Your animations so far are great and I love the art style, all your art is consistent throughout the game so far. I really like the sounds you picked for jumping and getting hurt, it goes really well with your game. Also the edge grabbing works really well and it's super solid.

I know it needs some polishing but you should be proud of what you've done so far and have more confidence when talking about your game.