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Pressing Z feels like injecting pure cute into my veins. I got to the end and apart from the twirl nothing is super memorable. it's a solid base to build a platformer from.

Comfy cute game. Though I need more stuff to shoot with my tank. Also it should fire little bullet bills.

The idea of a mimic chest chaacter is cool. Maybe they exist and I didn't find one, but I'd like a shield so I can play more defensively. Also feels like the roll should boost your movement. Trimming the hedges is a nice touch.

Bug: First time I spawned, I spawned sandwiched between a chest and a bed and couldn't move.

HUT. It's super kawaii but needs lots of work tbh. If I were in your shoes I'd polish what's already there to a shine before adding any new stuff.

Came for the platforming, stayed to learn about databases

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Great game

Played for ten minutes and enjoyed it. Those villagers are just slippery enough to avoid me some of the time but not always.

The hunter AI will sometimes whiff and run by me when they really shoulda caught me, although perhaps thats not a bad thing as perfect AI can be frustrating to play against.

Would happily get bitten anytime.

Technical hitches: launching the exe always prompts me to install DirectPlay (playing on windows 10)
Input doesn't work on my 360 controller (related to directplay?)