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Chest in the Infinite HedgemazeView game page

Be a mimic and kill bread.
Submitted by Chest — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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The idea of a mimic chest chaacter is cool. Maybe they exist and I didn't find one, but I'd like a shield so I can play more defensively. Also feels like the roll should boost your movement. Trimming the hedges is a nice touch.

Bug: First time I spawned, I spawned sandwiched between a chest and a bed and couldn't move.

As someone who generally don't like roguelike games, your game somehow has the charm to keep me playing until the bed didn't spawn on one of the maps (or was it because I hit Level 9?). Very smooth controls; the combination of melee/ranged weapons and the ability to break through grass walls allow for very strategic gameplay. Bullets from the player's ranged weapons were able to pass through walls, however, which I don't think was intended. The dodge mechanic adds a lot to the game, but I was wondering why it only adds i-frames but not distance. Looking forward to more updates.


Very interesting game. I like the ambient a lot, and find funny how a game with a mimic as main character can look so cute.
Only weird stuff I could mention is that sometimes enemies spawn on what it appears to be outside the maps boundaries, and you can't cross them to get them Is this done intentionally? Also thi probably was in the tutorial and I skipped it, but I took too much time figuring out you had to sleep in the bed at some point to advance. Maybe a fool proof hint would do great. Hope to see more progress on this.


Just a simple game play of your game without any commentary:

I hope it'll be helpful.


This game is super cute. Running around with sweet shades and flapping my gob open and shut is a joy. The overall feel of the game is pretty comfy and inviting, and I really dig the art style.

I do have a few minor nitpicks, though, condensed for char limit

- Running into walls results in jittering

- Enemies don't telegraph attacks, resulting in alot of seemingly unavoidable damage when meleeing

- Chest-opening sound is a bit obnoxious. It should be as short and simple as the chest-closing sound

- Character should mirror/flip to face the mouse, so you aren't pointing guns backwards

Otherwise, I enjoyed the demo. Some more punch in the combat would be nice. The weapons didn't feel like they had much weight or power. And obviously some comfy music wouldn't do any harm.


The presentation is cute and kinda funny, but the game play seems very early. I'm not a big fan of either of the genres your going for here, but some people might enjoy it when there's more to it.

I also don't entirely understand why a mimic would walk around and shank fuckers instead of luring adventures into it, but I don't know it's life.