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A member registered Dec 16, 2015

Recent community posts

Your sound and art work is great. Very responsive controls. The double-jump is a bit finicky, however, as I'm still not sure whether it only activates when the player is overlapping a wooden beam, or if it also activates in mid-air. It would be nice if key bindings were accessible in-game (and not just from the main menu). Curious how the drop system is implemented - for tougher enemies there should at least be some sort of drop (i.e. I felt cheated getting nothing after defeating a big red dude in one run; while being richer by simply killing a few bats in another run). Looking forward to more updates.

As someone who generally don't like roguelike games, your game somehow has the charm to keep me playing until the bed didn't spawn on one of the maps (or was it because I hit Level 9?). Very smooth controls; the combination of melee/ranged weapons and the ability to break through grass walls allow for very strategic gameplay. Bullets from the player's ranged weapons were able to pass through walls, however, which I don't think was intended. The dodge mechanic adds a lot to the game, but I was wondering why it only adds i-frames but not distance. Looking forward to more updates.