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The connection is a direct P2P connection - if it's getting hung up and not connecting, then sadly someone's computer or network is blocking the connection. GS2 was built using very rudimentary UNet from like 2016, so there's no fancy NAT punchthrough or anything unfortunately. It really relies on all necessary ports being open.

I just dusted off this old executable and was able to establish a connection with a friend, so it's definitely still working.

You and your friend both need to make sure you don't have a firewall blocking the connection  - even if you, as the host, have your ports forwarded, if their firewall is blocking incoming traffic on that port, then that's going to cause an issue as well.

Appreciate you taking the time to check out my demo! This project is no longer in development unfortunately, and I just do dev as a hobby. You can follow me on Twitter if you'd like! @JasozzGames

Thanks! Probably about 8 months or so in my free time.

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- 100 mouse sensitivity makes it impossible to play for me, how low is your mouse sensitivity?

- RMB is alt fire on guns that have one, but you can just rebind it if it bugs you

- there's a button to expand and PTZ the map, MMB by default

- not sure how you hit a level exit randomly when there's a big glowing EXIT sign above it

- not sure how everything feels unfocused, it's a fairly linear progression through a crypt defeating undead until you defeat a boss. There's not much lore/exposition so far, granted, but what is there supports the setting 

- the coins are... Literal currency... For buying new guns and upgrades...

Fair point on barrel/urn tedium, might look at increasing reward yield and decreasing occurrences, or at least making sure you don't always have to go out of your way for them

I really enjoyed this demo! Played through and beat the boss, had alot of fun!

Some notes - 

  • The character generation can REALLY set you up for success - I was struggling until it gave me a fighter with great stats, and then I pretty  much steamrolled everything
  • Bats can be really tough to spot, maybe give them little red/white eyes or something?
  • It seemed like the cultists couldn't be hurt by spikes, but the little goblins could
  • It seems odd that cultists' fire won't burn other enemies, but trap fire will? I can understand where it'd be too easy to get cultists to nuke each other but it's a bit inconsistent
  • The fighter's dash is a fun move, but the extreme FOV effect makes it really hard to judge how far you dash, or where you'll wind up, and got me into a tight spot a few times where I couldn't tell where I had wound up and got mobbed
  • Any plans/features for sweep attacks that can hit multiple targets? I had a pretty nice sword that I got from loot but it still felt weak because I couldn't hit two guys that were right next to each other
  • Got the error below when I first tried to pick a character (clicked on play, clicked on CAMP, it had me choose a character, then this got thrown). Only happened once, game worked fine after that.

Cool music, interesting aesthetic.

I personally could not get used to the weird inertia. It would be one thing if it were consistent but it seemed like sometimes all of the inertia would just cancel out, so movement was overall just pretty frustrating for me which killed the experience.

Neat little game! 

For whatever reason I'm getting double inputs on things - when I jump or attack, my character always does it twice.

The effect where a room is dark when you enter but then gets illuminated looks weird against a bright outdoor sky. It would make sense for an underground setting, but doesn't really look right in this one.

Some explanation of what the items you're finding do would be great too!

Thanks for playing! Watched your stream. Potions are broken apparently :(

Also apparently the bullet hit detection is totally messed up at < 60FPS framerates - noticed a ton of direct hits just passing straight through enemies on your stream, so I'll have to look into that!

I think what happens is TNT skellies who self detonate don't get properly removed from the trap tables sometimes. I was able to reproduce a couple of times where the room was stuck shut because the game was reporting that a dead TNT Skelly was still alive

Couldve sworn I fixed this - thanks for letting me know!


Probably not - the code is pretty bad and the scope is a bit too large. I do want to start on a new horror game at some point though, and re-focus the PS1 aesthetic.

Not a bug! The flicked stripper clip is a 1dmg projectile

Don't worry about it bud - I appreciate the offer!

You can support me for freeeeee by following me at or on Twitter @JasozzGames !

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Forgot to reply to this - as always, thanks for taking the time to play/critique my game!

I believe a good handful of issues you've mentioned have been fixed since Demo Day, but always good to have the input.

I'm trying to figure out a good solution to the V-Sync issue, as I almost exclusively playtest in the Editor and I have V-Sync forced off on my machine I hadn't noticed any of these issues with input lag or weapon sway, so I'll be working on figuring out how to add a V-Sync option to the game.

As far as the item descriptions go, there are brief descriptions written in the engine but I hadn't gotten around to finding a nice way to display them when you hover in the shop.

The shotgun is just super buggy and terrible at the moment - I really should've omitted it from the DD28 demo. Even when it's working properly it's not balanced at all.

Thanks for playing my demo!

Curious what your specs are? The game is pretty lightweight, aside from the realtime lighting, so it should run pretty solidly on most rigs (400+ FPS on my rig which is pretty outdated)

Menus are probably going to completely change - they were thrown together at the last minute for Demo Day.

Automatic reloading is something I'm definitely going to add in (at least as an option), as it seems to be pretty highly touched on feedback.

Thanks for playing my demo!

Appreciate the feedback - the mouse smoothing is only present at "lower" framerates (As opposed to like 400fps in the editor) so I must've forgotten to make something framerate-independent - I'll look into it!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah one of my biggest takeaways was making the pistol less exhausting to use, so in addition to auto-reload I'm thinking that the pistols will be full auto, but with a small fire-speed penalty if you're holding down the mouse rather than clicking.

Appreciate you taking the time to play!
The demo is very bare-bones (heh) at the moment, since the "jam" this was for is basically just for the AGDG community to show where there games are at, progress-wise. Hoping to get more content/rooms/enemies added in very soon!

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Ah gotcha - I'll have to try it with a controller!

I think what stands out the most to me in terms of art was the first enemy you come across - the little bug guys that leap at you. They felt out of place, but that might've just been the animations, or maybe a lack of detail compared to the player character? I dunno. The room tiles I think would help alot - some of the dirt/stone details looked weird when some of it is just like, a thin line instead of chunky pixels.

Had some time today to give your demo a try! Didn't get particularly far - only a few save points in, but I've got some feedback for ya

Platforming feels great - it's weighty and responsive and the player animations work really well. 

The ambience of the game is nice - the music and foggy caverns gives it a very mysterious Metroid feel. The overall environment art and player art is nice, but the mixed pixel sizes really hurts the experience. I would definitely recommend making the pixel sizes more consistent. You've got what seems like 6 different pixel sizes on one sprite and it's jarring.

Another nag I had with the environments was that the functionality of the blocks was very inconsistent. Some of the blue square blocks can be broken, some can't. Some are solid, some you can walk right through. For a platformer, the player should be able to instantly translate what is a platform, what is a hazard, etc., so I would advise making those more consistent. If a block is part of the background, it should have more muted colors or lower contrast or something to differentiate it from a foreground object.

The main reason I stopped playing though is that I don't feel like the combat is very fun, or very satisfying. One big reason for that is that what happened when I pressed X seemed to be completely unpredictable. Sometimes the hammer would swing and I would be stuck in place until it finished (which is what I would expect from playing games like SotN), but sometimes I could still slide around. Sometimes swinging locked me into dashing forward, sometimes I did the dashing/swinging animation but was stuck in place. Sometimes the swing animation would play twice (it would get about halfway through and then start over) and sometimes it wouldn't play at all. The inconsistency of the weapon functionality combined with how enemy attacks are basically just them flopping all over the place made it so the only real tactic I could figure out was to just stand in place and spam X, which seemed to hitstun enemies enough that I could just do that until they died. Maybe I'd get hit once, but they'd always drop a health/money item. 

I would really suggest you spend some time playing Megaman X4/5 as Zero, or maybe some of the SoTN-esque Castlevania games to get a feel for a melee-combat focused platformer. Megaman X4/5  as Zero would probably fit the pacing of this game a bit better, but I feel like Zero had some fantastic mobility and swinging his Z-Saber was satisfying and consistent.

Additionally, I couldn't figure out how to get into the menu at all. The only way I could seem to pull it up was by Left clicking, which is weird for a keyboard-based game. Why not escape or tab?

Overall I think the game has a great tone and is very promising, but the combat needs some big-time polishing and some consistency in the visuals would go a long way to help this game feel much better to play.

A few other notes/bugs -

  • Sometimes the game's keyboard controls would stop working after I clicked to open the menu, making me restart the gamea
  • The hammer animation would sometimes play twice
  • The first puzzle with the floor/ceiling spikes where you have to use the dodge roll to get through - the first time you try it, there's two sets of spikes, and if you roll too far you hit the second set of spikes - but at this point, the player has no idea how the roll works or how far it goes. Right after this first puzzle, there's just a lone set of spikes that's very easy to roll through. You should flip these around - let the player get acclimated with the roll distance before putting them in a situation where they can take damage from poorly-placed roll.
  • See image - weird graphical bug on the menu screen?
  • See image - I got stuck in the first screen, on top of the blue block in the north-west-most corner.

Interesting concept and a nice art style! Took me an embarrassingly long time to clear the first jump. I'll agree with what some others have said - an on-screen charge indicator and a much faster charge time would be nice. A faster charge-up would enable you to have puzzles that would involve needing to "wall jump" or otherwise chain together multiple punches.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing!

For sure - the input system is custom since I'm not a fan of Unity's default, I just haven't gotten around to control customization or specific prompts yet. It's on the schedule though!

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!

On the bugs - 

I was wondering how mouse sensitivity would play out - my mouse is set to be pretty dang speedy so I have to play with the mouse sensitivity at like 60 haha, and that's pretty snappy. 

Pathfinding is pretty busted right now. When enemies are looking for "flee" points they'll sometimes find a point on a navmesh in a different room that they can't get to, so I need to figure out how to restrict them to only their current room.

And yeah there's only like 10 or so total dungeon rooms right now, so things get pretty repetitive. I was hoping to have more content in but just ran outta time!

Yeah I accidentally left in a debug function that adds items to your inventory which is breaking the game for some people. The new version (v5) has this removed. Thanks for playing!

The new v5 download has a couple of bugfixes that -might- help with the reloading issue, but I've been unable to replicate this one on my end so far so I'm not sure what's causing it.

Should run on any 64-bit Windows system. Requirements are pretty low, spec-wise.

Added! The new v5 download includes an Invert-Y

I figured - I need to remove that debug key.

Will working on adding this

Did you put your Inventory on "I" by chance? Pretty sure hitting "i" still adds items to your inventory  - a leftover debug key, so it doesn't check if your inventory is full. Results in overfilled/glitched out inventory. I guess I forgot to remove it.

Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

Incredibly well polished. Everything felt really solid, and the artstyle is just fantastic.

I'm pretty dense so I got stuck on most of the puzzles, but I didn't give a whole lot of time to each one either.

I eventually got stuck when I left the uh... place in the north with all the bubbles (gel-covered something or other) and my boat was just stuck in the island. Not sure what happened there.

Also the water effects are really, really cool,  but you might consider clamping how far the player can plunge when they jump off a high ledge into the water. The amount of time it takes to surface makes sense but is just a bit unnecessary, in my opinion.

Overall just an awesome demo though.  

Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

Really enjoyable. I was rolling pretty hard that I could just beat the trash out of the NPCs. You'd definitely have a very streamable game if you kept things wide open like this, although I can understand where player choice could get out of control and hard to manage pretty quickly.

Some of the game seemed a bit too slow - more options to skip through dialog/transitions would be neat.

Overall very cool! Hope to see more of this in the future.

Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

I'm admittedly not into card-based games, but I thought this gameplay loop was really interesting. It seems like it's really easy to get into no-win situations, such as where you get stuck with like 5 enemies and only one dagger card to fend them off. Admittedly I probably wasn't utilizing the store/cards to their best potential, it just seemed like things could snowball out of control in a hurry!

Someone on the stream commented that it might be nice, when you have the help window up, to have tooltips pointing to the different icons and what they all are (all of the ? icons with numbers under them, for example)

Seems like a cool premise - hope to see it expanded on!

Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

This game seems like it would be a ton of fun at a party to just plug in some friends and have at it. Have you considered looking into some procgen dungeons, for endless replayability? 

The combat needs some variety - most enemies just kind of snap to facing you and attack. Being able to properly dodge telegraphed attacks would be nice. It felt like you were sort of forced to take damage from some enemies, but maybe I just suck at the game!

Is there a health indicator I missed? I found myself pretty stumped as to whether or not I was near death most of the time, or how much good the potions were actually doing.

Otherwise fun to play. The AI allies were unstoppable! Until they fell in a pit, that is.

Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

  • The player should have some kind of manually-controlled invincible turret on the ship or something, since you're completely defenseless if you run out of money AND turrets.
  • Game crashed quite a few times, so hopefully you can iron out those bugs!
  • A mode where the player gets a decent amount of money to just experiment would be great! It's tough as a new player to figure out what everything does when you're trying to scrounge just to get enough money for a turret.

Otherwise really cool concept. Didn't get too far in it but it seems like a really promising idea. Great job!

I'm not at home to test this, but I'm pretty certain the vertical axes are bindable in the input menu. You might be able to flip them there

When exactly is the disconnect happening? In the lobby? When the game actually starts?

If there's a successful connection, there's not much that would force a disconnection unless someone's ping is extremely high, or their program hangs for long enough for the client to time out. This probably wouldn't happen unless loading took 5-10 seconds.

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I watched this morning and left a comment. Awesome video, aside from the lack of dooting ;) If you guys have a couple more friends, I'd love for you to test out the 4-player mode.