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I'm not at home to test this, but I'm pretty certain the vertical axes are bindable in the input menu. You might be able to flip them there

When exactly is the disconnect happening? In the lobby? When the game actually starts?

If there's a successful connection, there's not much that would force a disconnection unless someone's ping is extremely high, or their program hangs for long enough for the client to time out. This probably wouldn't happen unless loading took 5-10 seconds.

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I watched this morning and left a comment. Awesome video, aside from the lack of dooting ;) If you guys have a couple more friends, I'd love for you to test out the 4-player mode.

Hm, that's a first. None of the buttons respond when you click on them?

What OS are you running, and what resolution?

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Hm, can't say I've ever experienced an error regarding PayPal, but it's really not a big deal. It's the thought that counts :)

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Thanks for the feedback!

Enemy counts are even higher in co-op. The key in the game is to stay ahead of enemy spawns. Enemies spawn 10-15 seconds apart early on, so as long as you don't dilly-dally you shouldn't ever have more than a couple kids in the graveyard at once.

Wave 6 is when things get nuts and people on YouTube/Twitch seem to get wiped, but the difficulty is kind of an illusion, since everyone focuses on the Soldiers and ignores the kids completely.

The box for grabbing enemies is already pretty big, roughly 1/8th of the screen around the reticule. If its much bigger then it's really difficult to be selective in what you grab, since grabbing kids is a way higher priority than grabbing adults. 

This kind of feedback is appreciated and will help shape the Steam edition!

Afraid not. There would be an extremely significant amount of work to be done to port the game to another system. I'll be focusing on the Steam Edition, then moving on to another project.

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I don't plan to support 32-bit systems, sorry. To the best of my knowledge, Unity doesn't support 32-bit platforms any longer.

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It has always been advertised as an endless survival game. To expect anything else would be foolish. 

Was this desync happening after the round restarted? If so it's a known bug. If it's happening at random during the game then that's new :/ glad you guys had fun anyway!

noted, thank you!

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You know you're supposed to throw them... Right? ;)

Patched in v012!

Thanks for pointing this out.

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.rar is a pretty common archive filetype, similar to a zip file. You can use WinRar or 7zip or a similar decompression program to open them.

No idea, and I dunno, maybe a buck or two? It's a fairly short game and although I've put alot of time into I'm not sure how replayable it actually  is.

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I'm afraid so. As far as I know, the game will not run on 32-bit systems. It wasn't built on or for a 32-bit OS so I can't really speak as to it's usability or a workaround.

I'm gonna shoot for it in the Steam release, but likely not in this version.

No sweat, man! It's a bit tucked away in the launcher

Already available!

Created a new topic [BETA] Co-Op Setup
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Here's some basic info on setting up a server for Co-Op.

To start a server, simply click PLAY COOP from the main menu, put in a username, and hit HOST GAME.

Joining someone else's game? Input their external/public IP into the Server IP field. You can find your external IP by going to Google and typing in "IP"

In order for a server to work properly, you'll need to be sure port 7777 is forwarded. This allows the game to send data back and forth without it getting intercepted by your router's firewall.

Need help with port forwarding? https://portforward.com/router.htm

Need help on setting up a Static IP? https://portforward.com/networking/staticip.htm

I'd also recommend checking out Tunngle if you're having trouble with port-forwarding, as it's a widely used VPN service for allowing people to game together. https://www.tunngle.net/en/

If you're sure your ports are forwarded and you're still having trouble with people connecting, try disabling your antivirus completely to determine if it is overriding your router settings and blocking traffic. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL with disabling AV software, and be sure to re-enable it when you're finished troubleshooting.

Created a new topic [BETA] BUG REPORTS
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Got bugs to report? Please do so here! Be sure to browse the thread and the KNOWN BUGS list first to be sure your bug isn't already documented! Include as much information as you can, please, such as what wave the bug occurred on, what you were doing if you were playing solo/co-op, etc. Thank you!

Created a new topic [BETA] Known Bugs
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Since this game is a work-in progress and I don't have a huge team of playtesters, there might be some bugs leftover that I haven't discovered. I'll do my best to log common bugs and potential solutions here!

GOT A BUG TO REPORT? Please report it in the BUG REPORTS thread!

[MAC VERSION] The OSX edition is UNTESTED - I cannot guarantee functionality, but hope it runs!

[MISSING FEATURE] 4:3 Resolutions are not supported, Resolutions < 720p not tested

[GAME BUG] Can't slap/jump/doot/grab after pausing and clicking "Resume"

Fixed in v012. Please download the new version from the itch.io page!

[CO-OP BUG] Sometimes the Client's graves don't respawn when match restarts

I'm aware of this bug but can't reproduce it myself. For now, the host just needs to disconnect and restart the server, and the client rejoin it.

[CO-OP BUG] Enemy animations don't always sync; enemies might slide around or get stuck in an animation

I'm looking into correcting this. Try to ignore it and pretend they're playing the right animations.

Video review!

Video review!

Thanks for the feedback! There are a ton of enemies planned, so eventually variety won't be a problem. I almost had a neighbor tracker working, but it wasn't quite right, so it didn't make the cut this time.

Thanks for playing!

nice video
thanks for joining the fight against skeles

Glad you liked it! It's a tough jam to rate, for sure. A bulk of the "vision" for this game was based on my earliest practices as a game developer when  I was in middle school - discordant sounds from all different bitrates, non-unified design elements, graphics from multiple sources at different sizes, etc. Thanks for playing, and check out Creature Castle on my page if you're into retro games!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Believe it or not the levels were originally 4x that size, which was waaaaaaaaaaay too big and impossible to navigate without a map.

I enjoyed this demo! The atmosphere is really nice, the art's not too bad, and the combat is interesting.

The music is nice, but you should maybe pick up some better soundfonts or samples for the future. As it stands, the music is a bit loud, and without much processing, the MIDI-esque instruments are a bit harsh on the ears.

The loss of control during cutscenes was weird, since it felt more like my keys had gotten stuck down rather than I had entered a cutscene. Have you considered adding the "cinematic widescreen" effect for when you're in cutscenes?

I punched one of those mouse-things into the side of the mountain, not sure if intentional. I also really don't understand the point of the smaller creatures, since you can just beat them away effortlessly.

Have you considered putting a limit on how low turn times can go? When near death, our turns became pointless, as he couldn't even land one attack if I stood next to him.

Great game overall!

Damn, what an awesome game. Graphics are awesome, the art-style is just great. Difficulty feels about where it should be. It's pretty fair and strafing around dodging bullets feels pretty good.

The conflicting tone between the cheery player and the hellish world is really neat.

- Weapon/explosion sfx don't really match the impact they have visually

- Music kind of drowns sfx out, by default

- Issue where an enemy spawned basically on top of me, resulting in an unavoidable hit. Link:

- First encounter with portals could be confusing, since orange/fire-y things damage you otherwise.

Again, awesome game.

This game is just as stinkin' adorable as all of the progress WebM's make it out to be. The music is super fitting and cheerful as well. I about died when I saw the jump animation for the tank. How perfect.

- Keyboard input is a bit wonky, since the tank moves relative to the world, not to the camera

- Cannon launches seemed to be trial and error; big red one kept shooting me into a wall, then off the world

- Firing bullets tanks my framerate

Overall an awesome game. I really hope you work more on this, because the multiplayer demo you posted months ago looked like it would be so much damn fun.

10/10 would get molested by dice again

This game is super cute. Running around with sweet shades and flapping my gob open and shut is a joy. The overall feel of the game is pretty comfy and inviting, and I really dig the art style.

I do have a few minor nitpicks, though, condensed for char limit

- Running into walls results in jittering

- Enemies don't telegraph attacks, resulting in alot of seemingly unavoidable damage when meleeing

- Chest-opening sound is a bit obnoxious. It should be as short and simple as the chest-closing sound

- Character should mirror/flip to face the mouse, so you aren't pointing guns backwards

Otherwise, I enjoyed the demo. Some more punch in the combat would be nice. The weapons didn't feel like they had much weight or power. And obviously some comfy music wouldn't do any harm.

This game felt a little strange to play. The platforming aspect of it feels really strange. I think it has to do with the fact that your jumps aren't controllable, but that they start instantly. If you're going to go the route of a deliberate, uncontrollable jump, I feel like there should be a couple frames of the player preparing to jump and then transitioning into it. That super-responsive jump control paired with an uncontrollable jump seems an odd combo.

I'm also not sure what the purpose of the dodge roll is when you can just walk through enemies. It seems like that's more effective than bothering with rolling?

I like the inventory system and general graphical feel of the game, but it just feels weird to play. Sorry if that's not super helpful or specific.

Keep working on it! Hope to keep seeing in at Demo Days.

Right from the bat, with the movement, the way the screen flashes when you pick up items, I felt like I was playing Quake. The movement feels great, the weapon is fun to fire, and the music is fitting.

I assume this is on your radar, but a crouch is absolutely needed. I was really trying to fish under tables for hidden items and found that I couldn't.

It also seems really difficult to dodge enemy fire. Sprinting and strafing and bunny-hopping like a madman and I was still taking quite a bit of damage. Maybe I was missing something strategy wise, but I couldn't seem to find a method of engaging enemies that didn't result in me eating alot of angry-computer-bullets.

I won the confetti though, so it wasn't too crazy difficult. While I understand how much of a pain netcode could be, I -really- hope to see a co-op or deathmatch mode someday.

Good work

I love the Metal Gear Solid-esque vibe it has. The PS-esque graphics rendering is so awesome.

I like the feel of the gameplay, and the first-person mode is just awesome.

In first person, I found it impossible to hit an enemy with the pistol from a distance. I don't know if there's a range on the pistol or if it's just really inaccurate.

Additionally with the first-person mode, I think you could really benefit from making it so the player faces the cursor as soon as you right-click, rather than the first-person camera facing where the player is looking. Dead Rising had this same thing, and was resolved with a toggle in options, whether you'd face Frank's direction, or the camera's direction when you ADS'd. Maybe consider that?

Also, what's with the delay in firing the assault rifle when you fire in third-person? A short delay is fine, to shoulder the weapon and line up a shot, but the delay just seems really long.

I can't wait to see more of it.

I don't really know what to make of it, to be honest.

I love the way the game -feels-. Despite being graphically minimalist, it still has a looming darkness to it. Somehow fairly spooky!

The control system was interesting. Definitely takes some getting used to, but I don't think its bad. I think a beginner "tutorial" dungeon with some real threats would probably help me warm up to the engine more.

I really love how mindfucky the game can be, with your surroundings changing constantly.

I want to see more of this. Mainly, I want to know what kind of gameplay/combat there will be, and how the control system works with it.

The only bug I encountered was, while the "voice" was telling me stuff, if I used IJKL to inspect something, the text would overlap and be hard to read. I'm sure you've heard this already, but thought I'd share.

Overall, the art works, the audio definitely works. Keep it up.

I love the art and -most- of the animation. To be honest, I think the armor-knight-enemies, for how burly they look, lack alot of punch in their animations. Maybe some subtle shake or something if they attack near you, I'm not sure what would fix it.

Same thing with the sound effects. While I love the background music, I feel like the combat sounds don't do justice to how big and powerful the weapons feel -visually-. Especially when you strike enemies, it just doesn't feel very satisfying. Splitting them in half is plenty satisfying, however.

I love the overall UI design. I might suggest doing something a little different with the font. It's super clean and readable, which is great, but I feel like the super-clean-white-sans-serif kind of clashes with the overall gothic theme that's going on.
Visual effects are great. Particles look very nice.

Keep up the good work!

Love the music, very relaxing.
Also love the Animal Crossing-esque voices.

The movement and jumping seems a bit floaty to me, but since its not really a game about precision or anything that's not really a huge deal.

Hope you continue to work on this. And I'm going to also agree that if you tone down the dialogue, you lose the whole game. I love the idea of a game that's visually cutesy like Animal Crossing but then people tell you to fuck off outta their houses.