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A jam submission

The GunslingerView game page

A third person nes styled shooter
Submitted by Evilous — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

You should add some sort of checkpoint system or something that helps you dodge bullets better. The enemies seem to track you through walls and arbitrarily shoot you when you get whatever distance close to them. Your game is pretty difficult in the beginning, maybe make structure the levels so that each level is progressively harder.

The character movement should be more precise to make it easier to strafe and peek walls. I feel like making the bullet go faster would actually make me feel like an actual gunslinger.

The game definitely needs some sort of death sequence or transition to game over. Show your character exploding or whatever and give everything some sort of player feedback. Giving visual feedback or reaction to something makes a game feel nicer to play and gives it s o u l. Don't just instantly show a "you're dead" screen. 

Just keep iterating on your game and implementing good player feedback. I think it'll eventually turn out okay.


To that one anon in /agdg/ posing as me, plz stop. I want the OP /agdg/ demo stream to showcase my game.


Cool music, interesting aesthetic.

I personally could not get used to the weird inertia. It would be one thing if it were consistent but it seemed like sometimes all of the inertia would just cancel out, so movement was overall just pretty frustrating for me which killed the experience.


I have to figure the inertia thing out.  A bunch of other anons did point that out. Thanks for playing and for the feedback


Everyone playing the regular route while I touch the car and play the super-secret blow-up-on-the-welcome-mat mode.

The music was rocking, and I thought the glitchy aesthetic was good. Both together really create a very tense atmosphere. But yeah, I'd agree that there need to be more checkpoints in there, it's very easy to just lose all of your progress to a small error in judging how far an enemy can shoot (or maybe I'm just too much of a gunslinger casual).

There are a lot of fun stealth mechanics in here, I like luring guards away so I'm no longer in their shooting range when turning corners, plus using the inertia to plan the optimal route through the rooms, which sometimes crosses over into puzzle territory.  I'd love to see a version with either more lives or more checkpoints, to see where you go with the concept!


Thanks you for enjoying and playing the game

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I liked the music but I disliked the glitchy artstyle and like the other poster I also originally disliked the inertia, but I got used to it.

At first I disliked the enemy reaction times and how fast their bullets moved. If they see you it's game over, so I tried to approach them in a stealthy manner, THEN I started enjoying the game.  Dodging the automated guns added a nice level of anxiety to spice things up.

I thought it was unbalanced to be able to kill the enemy, sometimes more than one at a time, with a single bullet from 10 miles away as in some of the levels.


I might have to end up doing a little re-balancing but that you for the feedback. I hope you enjoyed the game


I kinda like this style, but controls could be better, inertia is killing me, also, consider to add checkpoints. But if you are okay with that then okay, you have that special feeling atmosphere.


Ok thank you for the feedback. I will take this into consideration.