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Hemoglobin Project [DD25]View game page

Escape the hospital amidst a dangerous outbreak
Submitted by Jasozz — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

-the "START MENU" hitbox is too big
-why can I CONTINUE, I don't think I've played it before
-mouse sensitivity at 100 is still too low, have to move mouse 5cm to 360
-after continuing, I quit to main menu, started new game, now everything is glitched -- can't select yes/no in pickup menus, couldn't move until opening inventory, had a gun with full inventory, had to restart game to fix
-the bullet amount flashed on starting the game before getting the gun
-disable the sound when alt+tabbing
-Don't typewrite UI text ("Take the bandage") -- no one is speaking that
-The typewriting is way too slow in general
-Why do I have to click for the Yes/No to appear?
-the started game had the inventory filled, with items overlapping
-opened twice, had two guns -- the inventory is a mystery to me, I assume it's the save file corruption
-try reading the lines as fast as you're typewriting them, you're going to sound like someone close to death
-calculate the text position before typewriting, the line breaks are horrible
-the running kitchen zombie was clipping through the door before opening it 
-not sure why the scary music was playing in the kitchen before seeing the zombie
-had 3 guns overlapping, couldn't "Take the handgun?"
-could clip through the sinks in the operating room
-let me read the notes before putting them in the bag

I love how smooth the visuals and audio syncing is and the fear levels are good, but please spend some time polishing the UI and save file logic.


Did you put your Inventory on "I" by chance? Pretty sure hitting "i" still adds items to your inventory  - a leftover debug key, so it doesn't check if your inventory is full. Results in overfilled/glitched out inventory. I guess I forgot to remove it.


That's the first key I tried to open it, yeh.


I figured - I need to remove that debug key.


As far as my complaints go: I wish you could hit E to clear text prompts that pop up, change the depth of field, and improve anti-aliasing so stuff isn't as blurry when turning.

But holy shit is this incredible otherwise. Absolutely fantastic job. The sound design is impeccable and it really hearkens back to the PS1 in every way, even though it takes advantage of modern improvements. Keep it up. I will buy this in a heartbeat.

Incredible stuff,  dude. It's great seeing your progress in threads but actually playing it is terrific. The visuals are soooo nice and the atmosphere is perfect.


Oh man I loved this, the design and polish was very nice. A lot of people already said what I'd say so I'll keep it short, nice job! Cant wait to see it done!

Submitted (2 edits)

This game was an absolute joy to play, scary, suspenseful and polished! The only issues I had was that the enemy in freezer got stuck behind the door. One small nitpick would be that if you open stuff, leave and then enter again they are all closed. Having cabinets left open is good for navigation so you know you've been there berfore.

I hope you continue with this game and make a full release.

Very cool touches on the sound design. Simple design and progression, I like it. Scared me more than once. Keep up the great work I'm keen to see your progress.

Pretty good. The enemy in the cafeteria got stuck behind the door. Also, if you discard your pistol while it's equipped it'll stay in your hand,  you can't shoot and when you leave the area the game soft locks.


Really good, very high quality aesthetic and atmosphere. Finished at 16:00. Keep up the good work!


I had been looking forward to playing this for a while and I wasn't disappointed.  I finished it in 15:56 time.  Very few quips:  The boards on the door were sometimes hard to hit.  Maybe instead of giving them small hitboxes, just give them one big one that's about the size of the door or at least the area that all the boards together occupy.

Amazing atmosphere.  Can't wait to see what you do with it in the future!