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I pressed F5 and got some debug screen.

Pretty good. The enemy in the cafeteria got stuck behind the door. Also, if you discard your pistol while it's equipped it'll stay in your hand,  you can't shoot and when you leave the area the game soft locks.

It's fine. Having to aim at pickups to grab them is annoying, especially when it's health pickups.

You have something great here, but the demo is really challenging and the legs bug out often. You can also press 'Z' for an alternative view, which isn't mentioned in the controls.

With the right visuals and music this could be great. Personally, I'd prefer if W/S allowed you to move up and down.

Good start friend. Controls work well enough but it would have been nice to know the mouse works too.

Good job. 

Good job.  I didn't expect enemies to have colliders though. Most games you pass through them or there's some knock back.

Good job. I think Q and Z are reversed in your controls. Also, mobs killed me while I was in a cut scene. Seems like a bug.

Good job. Personally, I think you need more iframes after you're attacked. 

Consider faster movement speed, it's kinda unbearable