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2D platforming, card mixing action (INCOMPLETE)
Submitted by joh (@joh_dev) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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Thanks for playing, plenty of helpful insight. Many adjustments are planned for the next demo.

Damn this is one smooth browser game, you put the green/white girl platformer to shame in terms of performance. If space is not used for anything else, let it be an alternative for jumping.  Same goes for up arrow, Z is for console babbys. The pixel art looks great, but it's a shame you decided to vomit on it with those lighting effects. Collecting floating "coins" is some of the most uninspired design I've seen in a while too. Overall, it runs and looks great, but the game direction is unclear.


I'll put space as a jump input, though it might feel awkward to attack. Don't worry about everything else, it's temporary. The lighting is a halfassed solution because the actual lighting system in Godot is super unoptimized, and the coins were just put in as an objective for demo players. You'll mostly be fighting enemies and bosses in the real game.

Good job.  I didn't expect enemies to have colliders though. Most games you pass through them or there's some knock back.


Currently deciding whether or not that's a good thing. You shouldn't be able to walljump on them like you can now though lol


I loved the player's animation and the fireball attack variations.  The enemy seemed a bit tough due to its range and the amount of time you stand still when doing a ground attack.  It took me a while to try wall climbing because I didn't know it was a feature.  Maybe tutorialize it by forcing the player to go over a wall that's in the only way forward.


Thanks for playing. Subtle tutorialization will definitely be there in the full release, as current level design is temporary.