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A jam submission

Alphaman (alpha demo)View game page

A short demo of a megaman classic clone in Godot with a few levels
Submitted by Yomic (@Trueyomic) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Hope it helps!

Thanks for the feedback!  Most of the issues mentioned are planned to be fixed or are fixed like the background issue and the loud sound effects.  23:30 (where you were launched across the screen) was hilarious and not by design.

I definitely need to tighten up the dash, control is very import to me.  I think I just need to force the player to stay in a dashing state for a few milliseconds instead of relying purely on buttonUp events.  I also don't think you can change the sensitivity setting for a trigger button on a controller, it's just a button down event.

I wanted to give the player free special attacks in place of charge attacks, but you made a good point in that the player won't be able to expect what's coming next.  I think to compensate that, I'll change the sword charge attack a bit more.  I'll keep the short projectile, but lose the grounding.  I'll need to change the animation as well.  The idea of the projectile part of the charged shot being "weak" is that normal lemonshots do 1 damage, charged projectile does 2, and the sword itself does 8 (but only 2 to bosses).

Enemy placements have changed as well.  Anywhere you see a "player energy/weapon energy" location next to each other, that's where an upgrade will be.

Hey you're welcome!

 I also don't think you can change the sensitivity setting for a trigger button on a controller, it's just a button down event.

I don't know Godot but if this is true it's a rather serious limitation of the engine. The triggers are analog and therefore should be readable as their own "axis." 


Running this on Manjaro Linux gets me the following output:

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2
ERROR: operator[]: FATAL: Index p_index=1 out of size (size()=1)
   At: core/vector.h:138.
handle_crash: Program crashed with signal 4
Dumping the backtrace. Please include this when reporting the bug on
[1] [0xf770fc90] (??:0)
[2] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80cbaee] (??:?)
[3] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80e0e63] (<artificial>:?)
[4] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x816afc1] (<artificial>:?)
[5] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x80728e9] (??:?)
[6] /usr/lib32/ [0xf750c793] (??:0)
[7] ./Alphaman_linux.x86() [0x807b305] (??:?)
Aborted (core dumped)
I get the same issue when running youmu-wip. Guess Godot doesn't like my PC.

Yeah, pretty much what was going for.
Something that annoyed me a bit was that if you charge, you can't walk and then jump at the same time.


This is not a feature/bug present in the game.  Perhaps you have a keyboard or gamepad that can only take two inputs at a time?  Some older keyboards or specific models can't press more than a certain number of certain keys at a time


It's a cheap keyboard that I have but never had problem with pressing 3 keys at the same time.

(1 edit)

A quick bug report on the Linux version instead of any actual feedback, sorry. Selecting Usherbot's stage breaks the game, leaving the selection blinking forever, with an endless wall of errors repeating on the command line - see pic:

EDIT: I just noticed the background parallax issue was already known, so removed that part of my report


Thanks for the error report with message details.  This is very helpful!