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Hi, thank you for playing it! I really enjoyed the play-through.  I hope you'll try out the free Christmas DLC as well.

thank you for the feedback, the things you mentioned are being worked on.

Thank you Jasozz and I appreciate the feedback.

I agree with you, the charge times needs to be faster and there needs to be an indicator. You are suppose to be able to do multiple punches and right now both the charging and rotation is a bit too slow for that.

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Extremely polished demo, great art,  feel and music. 

Good enemy variety and challenge, I had a lot of fun with it!

I found a few bugs

  • Even when I crank up mouse sense to 100 it still feels kind of sluggish.
  • Sword skellies seems to get stuck on the stairs
  • Bone throwers likes to run into the walls a lot
  • Could use some map diversity, I only played to floor 3 but the rooms start to look the same even on the first level. 

I hope you expand on this game. 

It alreadly looks and feels much better than most early access games on steam, good job.

This was amazing! 

I love seeing people speedrun and break games and even though I would like to keep it, I think "Orb jumping" needs to be fixed.

Thank you for testing my game again.

Thank you! Post like this motivates me to continue working on this project!

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I found the problem, it seems like the final vector value wasn't clamped. It will work like intended in the next patch.

That shouldn't be the problem since I only look for the size of the x vector and that starting scale is always 1.

I think this has something to do with the deltatime not workin properly since it worked for both me and another player.

Do you know your ingame fps?

Thank you for your feedback, I will look into these issues.

Kube is actually just me trying to make the cube sounds special but kan is a spelling misstake.

"contraction and expansion are calculated wrongly" Does this happen when you spam the primary fire or always?

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This game was an absolute joy to play, scary, suspenseful and polished! The only issues I had was that the enemy in freezer got stuck behind the door. One small nitpick would be that if you open stuff, leave and then enter again they are all closed. Having cabinets left open is good for navigation so you know you've been there berfore.

I hope you continue with this game and make a full release.

Thanks for the feedback and for finding these bugs, I  will fix them asap.

The reason you can't throw bombs are because they are used in physics puzzles later into the game.

I will write some lore about why you can't throw them. 

There is also a reason why they kill you because that will be a thing in later levels as well.

I might make a checkpoint system, most levels are small so if you die you wouldn't lose too much time.

Thanks for the feedback, most of these things will be fixed in the next version

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-why can I continue without having played before
this is a bug and should be fixed in the next version

-the death screen is revolutionary
haha I agree, it needs some work

-touched the black block thing, screen blacked out but I didn't die (no dead message), don't get it
That sounds like a bug, I need to look into that one.

-the crouch is too snapp
crouch will probably be removed

-it's too easy to lose the items
-didn't get I can throw them at the block until reading the game page
-the scroll wheel only works in one direction
-figured out I can expand the shard, but can't jump on it
these things have been fixed and next version will have more info and a better starting level

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

I'm also fixing the floaty movement. 

In the next version you will have total air control

Thank you for this playthrough! 

It was very insightful and I realised that a lot of things needs to be explained/fixed.

I hope my game wasn't too frustrating.


I've added visuals for objects that can be manipulated

Great game, the art, sound and gameplay is fantastic!

Only bug I found was that sometimes objects spawn in midair, like chest and those exploding traps.

A small question, will there be shields in the game? It felt that some enemies could really knock you around, would be nice to be able to shield yourself against attacks.