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Hey! Played your game on stream, just wanted to recap some of my feedback -

  • The player should have some kind of manually-controlled invincible turret on the ship or something, since you're completely defenseless if you run out of money AND turrets.
  • Game crashed quite a few times, so hopefully you can iron out those bugs!
  • A mode where the player gets a decent amount of money to just experiment would be great! It's tough as a new player to figure out what everything does when you're trying to scrounge just to get enough money for a turret.

Otherwise really cool concept. Didn't get too far in it but it seems like a really promising idea. Great job!

Thanks again for playing, always great (and anxiety-filling) to see someone playing the game! Also, the feedback is really helpful. Totally forgot about the lack of starting funds for when you get speared too much, plus the invincible turret is a cool suggestion! The sandbox mode would be an excellent idea as well, especially with the other mechanics like Juice and Ammo. Hopefully the """tutorial""" helped you a bit when you started :)