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  • Love the art style
  • Great atmosphere
  • Inconsistency in what buttons to use (arrow keys, A and D, space, mouse)
  • Hard to tell what parts of the screen can be clicked, maybe change appearance of buttons when mousing over them?
  • Events where you get to make a choice instead of just clicking "resolve this event" are way more interesting, put in more of those
  • Combat is basic, but I'm sure that will be expanded upon with spells and items

Keep up the good work, I'm interested in seeing where this game goes.

Zipping around at hyperspeed and shooting feels great. There are a few things that take away from it though. The dungeon is kind of cramped, bigger open areas would make the speed shine as well as making it easier to engage enemies. The fact that you can't see very far considering how fast you're going (and even more, the edges between zones) also discourages you from going fast since you might run right into an enemy.

The dark crosshairs is hard to see against the background, but that should be easy to fix.

I bought the machine gun from the store, but it didn't seem to change my attack style. You were supposed to just left click the weapon in the store, right? If you have to equip it somehow I couldn't figure out how to do that.

It's a fun little game, but could use a few more mechanics to make it really interesting. The levels have dead ends that are annoying to get stuck in when you are running from a hunter. It's also easy to confuse the hunters and villagers at a quick glance; maybe use different colors for them?

I like the concept. Drifting in the curves feels very nice. Needs higher mouse sensitivity and tighter controls in general. Couldn't get a high enough jump after the final multiloop, it was hard to figure out where to point the camera to get the best speed.