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Skirmish Tactics in Generic Fantasyland
Submitted by Norberto — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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Pretty competent tactical game, i haven't had any glaring problems with anything, the gameplay seemed fine, and any real problems in these kinds of game appear only you've played them for a long time.

I would suggest adding panning when you move your cursor to the edge of the screen, and making grass look less like green spikes. Otherwise, good job, keep at it!


Thank you! The mouse panning is a pretty good idea. One so good that every other game has used it and now I feel like an idiot for not putting it in before. So it's coming next update probably.

And yeah, the grass is my first blender model (if you don't count the hexagons which are literally cilinders with six sides). But I'm seeing some way better grass models here on itch so I'm probably gonna take inspiration from them.


this is a real improvement over last demo day

art looks good but the background needs textures or something, maybe just have hexes and not pillars except for raised terrain, make it look like a board game or something idk

basic units feel different from each other and units are actually balanced so having the most units isn't always the best, i loved the orcs with the pudge hook, but the slow melee dwarfs and the fast elven archers felt very different

gj, ima play some more


Thank you! I'm thinking of having some kind of grassy field with decorations as background, with the play area raising out of it. I'm still not sure how to do that tough. I usually like the board game aesthetic but I don't feel like it would complement well my game (It's supposed to be set in a real fantasy world, albeit cartoony, so no "It's actually a game in a game" kind of thing).


Fun game! I tried the dwarves and the merfolk, and they both had some interesting abilities. I had some problems with getting the siren to create water where I wanted - when I clicked a spot with an enemy in she went up and punched it instead.

The AI is pretty bad at playing, but that's understandable, it's hard to design a smart AI. Maybe include an option to give the two sides different amounts of gold? That could be useful in multiplayer too, if you want to give one player a handicap.

It will be interesting to see where this game goes.


Thank you! Yeah, the Siren can't create water on an occupied space. I should probably change that (since the space is turned into water anyway if an adjacent one is targeted. I believe I must also change the way skills are targeted in general, because as of right now, some are too obtuse to pull off (case in point, the siren's wave ability).

As of right now, the "AI" just looks for enemies in range and attacks. If none are found, it moves each character to a random spot, favouring raised terrain. So yeah, I need to figure that one out. 

Good idea on the gold thing! I'll probably manage to put it in the next version.