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looks and feels pretty nice, though metroidvania is a pretty oversaturated genre

it's bretty fun, but the areas need colour and the spiders don't look as good as the weapons do, eggs look fine tho

also you can use the error object to block spiders from attacking you

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i played this for five minutes, i walked around, then i fell into the pit and died, then i walked around some more and then quit, i never shot a dude

i like to think i'm a pretty typical gamer, so maybe turn down the difficulty

>as I'm sure you're aware, there's not much game in here.

yeah i started work on it a week ago

> I like the story-telling mechanic base you got. The graphics are pleasing

good to know

your game gave me multiple BSOD after failing the stealth section repeatedly

i'm never playing one of your demos ever again, my game isn't backed up so if my computer dies it's over for me

dell inspiron 15r

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garbage performance for how it looks, literally couldn't play it

like i can play teleglitch with no problems and that looks waaaaaaaay better than this

reminds me of this

the weapons look really nice, the enemies less so maybe make the enemies lowpoly as well like in devil dagger

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i played this and don't have anything new to add except i might have missed an area because i didn't go into a building so i didn't learn about slowmo

also i'm trying to learn monogame

i got to the door in the top left using the spear gun and nothing happened and now i feel cheated

you should be able to fire spears vertically and fire spears into spears or something, but the lil' dog is cute

add cute little details like the dog, that's my main suggestion

i died twice and gave up, also i killed the dog

idk it just didn't work and i just pushed them around

i played this during DD14 so that's what i'm going to compare this version to

areas are too big, the previous version had these small pokemon-like areas where it would only take a few seconds to get into a new battle, in this one there's a lot of downtime

art is placeholder-tier and the characters are especially awful-looking

i like the new damage split thing and the gameplay is still fun, but i think there needs to be more story but this might just be because of the increased amount of downtime

overall this does look like you've been working for four months on it so gj

this is a real improvement over last demo day

art looks good but the background needs textures or something, maybe just have hexes and not pillars except for raised terrain, make it look like a board game or something idk

basic units feel different from each other and units are actually balanced so having the most units isn't always the best, i loved the orcs with the pudge hook, but the slow melee dwarfs and the fast elven archers felt very different

gj, ima play some more

played this a few days ago

i found myself unable to pick up rocks and throw them, i just picked up the early cakes and then went ham sprinting through the rest of the level

>As some of you already know, the game is still in a very bare bones

stage, and that's how it's likely going to stay. It's not very polished
and probably not very fun to play

it was fine, adding more stealth mechanics would be nice, like crawling and hiding in boxes or whatever but you don't seem that interested in adding to it so whatever

6yo dell inspiron 15r

19fps with pixelshit graphics

reminds me of proteus


you walk way too slow and the graphics are pixelated rather than pixel art

having to hold down e before being able to reload is awful and unintuitive, the active reload system might be a resident evil thing(never played one) but it just reminded me of gears of war and i'm glad it never caught on

overall this reminds me of this

since you've said you're going to add actual graphics later i won't talk about that

using 3D graphics for backgrounds and 2D for characters is weird but fine,  using hexes is weird but fine, the pillars would look better if they were shorter

selecting another unit when you already have a unit selected could be simpler and the buttons are too far away from the actual hex after you click on it, or maybe the problem is that the buttons are too big, the gameplay is very simplistic and just picking lots of cheap units seems to be the best strategy, also i don't know if bushes give cover or a DEF bonus or whatever but it looks like they should

if you just pass the turn without doing anything you're unable to make any moves during your next turn, idk why

i'd try and differentiate units more, all four factions played very similarly, but it was the game i had the most fun playing this demo day so gj

don't try and load the save file as it got corrupted when i recompiled the new version, just make a new one when you first start the game

gamepad support removed for v4

WASD = move

ENTER = attack

ESC = pause menu

gamepad uses x button to attack and start to pause i think, idk i don't have a gamepad

game comes with a blank save file that you can load if you die in the first room