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My suggestion for a better control of the character would be to use just box colliders (they are squares afterall) and add some slight coyote time to the jumps so that jumping from on top of one another can be better done in midair

I like the animations for the dark gummy. If feels creepy but also kinda cute somehow

Amazing puzzles and visuals! the only gripe i have with it is the unforgiving hitbox of the characters, expecially the flame.

A really interesting swap mechanic! I wish there were more levels

The rope fling feels sooo good! A really interesting mechanic!

I am in love with the cute expressions they make. I find it a little hard to jump with precision. Are you using round shapes to calculate collisions?

Really clever levels! I wish there were more!

I love the screen shake and recoil of the spells. I wish the wizards were more different because right now I can pretty easily beat the game with just the ice wizard

>look at hydravitan
>look at hydravithan
>look at hydraviathna
>fuck it
>go down

Cool game! The perfect amount of quirkiness!


Too barebones to judge yet, but what you have is pretty good! The aesthetics are cute as heck and the weapons feel like they have real weight on the swing. What are your plans for the final gameplay? I imagine your weapons will break and you have to find some other ones with new moves? Good work, keep it up!

This is so awesome! Everything flows smoothly and naturally. I love how every attack is telegraphed (even with the placeholder sprites) and with each game over and restart it makes you feel like you're getting better instead of frustrated. Plz nerf the ice puck attack because once you discover it, the fight at any difficulty becomes a matter of waiting for a downtime in the attacks and spamming down +X/Y really fast. 

I can't wait to see more bosses! Keep it up!

Great game! Feels good and polished!

I love how every animation flows smoothly! The basic attack feels a little too long and the energy recharges fast enough for me to spam how many projectiles I want. I noticed when shooting, the girl will hold the square shooty thingy with her hands, but when jumping it will float around, causing shots to be less accurate. I don't know if that's a bug or a feature. Good job! Keep it up!

This is a great game! I only played the singleplayer but I love just how much stuff there is in this demo. I expecially like the contrast between the quiet stealthy exploration during the first half of the game and the frenetic run to get back trying to remember the best routeafter you get the money.

I don't like the ui much (played with mouse and keyboard), the loot menu is unfriendly and impossible to use if you want to grab something out of a pile of stuff in the middle of the action. Maybe also add some tooltips when you hover on skills and items so you can be reminded of what they do (I finished the heist without knowing what any of the stats on the weapons actually do).

Regardless, I had lots of fun on this, and you can see a lot of work and thought went into it. Great job! 

This was super fun! I love how even with just a few enemies you can create very different encounters by just varying the positioning (The skeletons that come out suddently out of teh side room spooked me a LOT the first time through). It makes you feel like you succesfully mastered something when you complete a floor without getting hit and you place the checkpoint. Kinda reminds me of dark souls in that sense. 

I would love to see more enemies like the old guy (where you have to turn in rithm with the swords strikes) because as of right now to beat every normal enemy is either block->strike or backpedal->strike.

Great job, keep it up!

Thank you! The mouse panning is a pretty good idea. One so good that every other game has used it and now I feel like an idiot for not putting it in before. So it's coming next update probably.

And yeah, the grass is my first blender model (if you don't count the hexagons which are literally cilinders with six sides). But I'm seeing some way better grass models here on itch so I'm probably gonna take inspiration from them.

Thank you! I'm thinking of having some kind of grassy field with decorations as background, with the play area raising out of it. I'm still not sure how to do that tough. I usually like the board game aesthetic but I don't feel like it would complement well my game (It's supposed to be set in a real fantasy world, albeit cartoony, so no "It's actually a game in a game" kind of thing).

Thank you! Yeah, the Siren can't create water on an occupied space. I should probably change that (since the space is turned into water anyway if an adjacent one is targeted. I believe I must also change the way skills are targeted in general, because as of right now, some are too obtuse to pull off (case in point, the siren's wave ability).

As of right now, the "AI" just looks for enemies in range and attacks. If none are found, it moves each character to a random spot, favouring raised terrain. So yeah, I need to figure that one out. 

Good idea on the gold thing! I'll probably manage to put it in the next version.

Thank you! I have two more gamemodes planned for the future: One where you have to capture and hold certain hexes to gain points and one where you have to grab some treasure and bring it back home. I don't think I will ever add carriages and catapults, for that would make it feel more like an actual battle between two armies rather than a skirmish between two mercenary warbands. Now, a guy on a horse on the other hand... Or some guy with a mortar that hits far away? That could be included.

I'd like to understand better what you mean with differentiating the units that are out of turns. You mean the ones that can still move some spaces but haven't attacked/used a skill? Or between your unit and the opponent's? Or do you simply mean that greying out used units is not enough of a strong indicator?

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun! I'm still figuring out how to make the controls more user-friendly, maybe changing the way targeted skills work altogether and making switching characters instantaneous. The way they work now, bushes are simply difficult terrain (takes 2 steps to move onto) which obstruct line of sight (meaning you can't shoot or use certain spells at something behind them, but you can shoot at someone inside). I'll take into consideration giving a defence bonus  to units in bushes (maybe just from ranged attacks?) if that doesn't make the game more complex.

Not being able to do anything is a very big and weird problem. Thanks for finding it, I'll make that my priority for now.

The factions are supposed to play very differently, but since right now the low cost units are both the winning strategy for every faction (due to my poor calculations on balance), and don't have many race-exclusive traits (I should have made the basic units the MOST iconic, instead of the other way around).

Anyway, thank you again for your feedback, I cannot express how much I appreciate it!

Thank you for your extensive reply! You actually read my mind because I will add undead at some point. They will have spooky skeletons that reassemble after getting destroyed, and zombies that bite enemies and turn them into more zombies. Humans will probably follow up aswell but I have not decided a theme for their army yet. I thought of using the right click button on pc, but I'm not sure how to implement it when a character can both shoot, attack in melee or use an ability on an enemy. Do I default to shooting when both attacks are available? Also my end goal is to have the game ported on a tablet, so you can pass it to your friend after you concluded your turn, so no right clicks there. The same problem, as you pointed out, happens when switching characters. In the next update I'll make it so it automatically selects the other character if it's the only option available when clicked, instead of bringing up the menu every time.

As for balance problems, it will require some drastic changes. As you pointed out, spamming low cost units is the best strategy (for every race, not just orcs). I thought I could balance it by adding more abilities (and, in turn, versatility) to high cost units, but that has not been enough (expecially against the AI which, at the moment, isn't smart enough to use skills yet.)

Again, thank you a lot for your input! I hope you had fun!

Thank you! I will add the keyboard panning to the list of stuff to do. Merfolk is best folk indeed.

This is clever and has great potential. Sadly I don't have any available flatmates that I can use as guinea pigs to test the multiplayer at the moment, but I'm guessing that by playing without controllers you would get a very crowded keyboard. I'm excited to see where you're gonna bring the gameplay with this one.

Clever little game! I wish all of it was drawn like the characters' heads in the dialog. When playing on my laptop's small screen (1366* 768) the window is slightly cut off in the bottom so I ad trouble reading the lowest lines of text. Great job! I wish there were more levels of this.

I love the general aesthetic. The environment looks even better than last demoday. I'm not a fan of the combat. Reminds me of World of Warcaft, but I don't feel it translates well to the isometric perspective. Maybe add a button to quickly switch target (or make something like baldur's gate, where the character goes where you click). I would prefer if you could see enemies behind walls also when you're not standing behind them. Also, what's the point of sneaking behind enemies when they can see and shoot through walls? It's better to just tank the melee ones first with the armour and the lifesteal blade.

I like how took the initiative to change your original gameplay to try something new. Keep it up!

Great game! It reminds me of an old browser tower defence which name I forgot, where you also had to place gems and level them up. The randomized maze is cool, but I wish it had also some premade levels that were more puzzle-like. I had great fun!

Funny and clever! Other than the collisions and walking speed, which others have pointed out, this is a really good game. Good job!

This is just a skeleton of a playable game, but I can foresee something good coming out of this. I like headshotting enemies with the DMR and I expecially love the bouncy running animation. However the enemies seriously need some attack animations because I couldn't tell when I was being shot. In the nightclub level I had a weird texture glitch where everything had these weird lines

Keep it up! I want to see more of this low poly aesthetic!

This game certainly gives a horror vibe, I love how you have to stand still to aim. The way your sights shake is a really nice touch. I think it would be better if you didn't have to hold down E and then press R to reload, it would do just fine with just pressing R, expecially since zombies eat bullets like they were candies (9 to kill a zombie and the gun holds only 6!). Also It would be nice if interactable objects had some kind of outline or at least didn't merge with the backgroud so well. 

Good work! I want to see more of this in the future!

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Pretty, challenging and fun! Only problem is the escape key not working when restarting the level.

My highest score is 1900. 2000 now. Did I do gud?

I can't put my finger on it but I can feel the changes you made from the last demoday. It plays way smoother now. You can indeed feel the juice. This is gonna be a great game, keep it up!

In my copy of the game the enemies and the knife are invisible. I tried reinstalling both versions of the game but the problem persists. I'm running it on an old thinkpad tough so it might be a hardware problem. I managed to finish the level by just sprinting through.

Apart from that, movement and shooting feel good. I expecially like the starting gun. Great job!

I've been fooled by the amazingly cute art thinking that this was going to be an easy game. It was not. It made me feel like the plebbest pf the plebs. Once I got used to the controls it felt really satysfying to play (but still challenging). I feel like the roll attack is almost impossible to control and I fell into the spikes many times (expecially on THAT snake. You know the one). I may just be used to mario games but i think the camera moves too quickly when you move and makes it very frustrating when you have to land a very precise jump.

For the players that are reading this: If it feels too hard, just keep playing. The better you get at it the more fun it becomes!

The combat feels great, as it did in the last demo! I'm playing on an old laptop so I had some graphical glitches and I couldn't see the entirety of some buttons due to the small size of my screen 

Great job! Keep it up!

I love to experiment things in this demo and the addition of the game over screen is a godsend for that. The style of the game reminds me of dark souls, but the lack of a block/parry means I find myself cheesing enemies with walls and positioning rather than actually using all the attacks and combos (and that's sad, because your animations are gorgeous)

This game is gorgeous. I love how every character has different attacks and movement options (Backburr is my favourite).

I got this error when I tried jumping from a Noogie to a BuckaChucka in the second screen of the first level. Sometimes the character gets stuck on a corner and seems to float in midair (happened twice in the level where you have to jump under a rock to get across a pit. Other than that, the game runs smoothly and without any problems.

I wish this demo was longer because I had a great time! Great job! Keep it up!

This made made me giggle at the start screen! I ran into some problems with the firefox web version: As others have said, the mouse pointer doesn't register until you fullscreen and the game froze on me a couple of times, so I had to refresh (probably because I have an old laptop).

I don't feel like the game is too easy for what is trying to do. If it was hard, you would have to repeat some waves and the humour would lose it's impact.

It's a pretty fun experience! Great job!

Origonal gameplay! I love how you can shoot out windows to quickly clear a room. I feel the difficulty is a little too much, it took me many tries just to clear the first room. Also I would change either the fog of war or the field of view of the camera, because most of the deaths happen from enemie that you cannot see. I noticed that the most efficient strategy is to shoot far outside your field of view, be it windows or enemies.

That said, I would really be interested in what direction you're gonna take this game. It's a very solid system and It could work both as an action and a more tactical shooting experience. Great job!

Thank you! I'm proud you enjoyed it! Yeah that's a bug I forgot to patch until I already uploaded the build. Basically the green healthbar is scaled horizontally based on the unit's health, but if the total hitpoints go below zero, the scale of the bar also becomes negative and the bar appears still full.