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Thank you! I have two more gamemodes planned for the future: One where you have to capture and hold certain hexes to gain points and one where you have to grab some treasure and bring it back home. I don't think I will ever add carriages and catapults, for that would make it feel more like an actual battle between two armies rather than a skirmish between two mercenary warbands. Now, a guy on a horse on the other hand... Or some guy with a mortar that hits far away? That could be included.

I'd like to understand better what you mean with differentiating the units that are out of turns. You mean the ones that can still move some spaces but haven't attacked/used a skill? Or between your unit and the opponent's? Or do you simply mean that greying out used units is not enough of a strong indicator?

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I mean the last one, I kept selecting the units I have used in the same turn and tried to tell them to attack without realizing I already used them. If the units are close together, it's kinda hard to tell if they are available or not. May be just my monitor, though.