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Marked the target platform.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, I totally forgot to mention that the select button quits the game. Sorry about that. Regarding the music, I'm experimenting with different kinds, see what fits with the game.

Reuploaded with dll.

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I mean the last one, I kept selecting the units I have used in the same turn and tried to tell them to attack without realizing I already used them. If the units are close together, it's kinda hard to tell if they are available or not. May be just my monitor, though.

Yeah, it was because I was getting hit before I had a chance to move.

This game is awesome. Needs to be longer, though. Noticed a bug in the level where you have a tutorial on how to jump tall walls - the door on the top disappears sometimes. Also, can you possess ghosts and those monkey-like things?

The game was fun but it needs more stuff, both combat and surroundings, otherwise it gets old pretty fast. Civilization might give you some ideas, especially with the unit diversity. Would love to see units like horse carriages and catapults. Also you need to differentiate more between units that are out of turns vs those that still have turns. Maybe an outline or a glow? Something that catches the eye.

For me, the best strategy was about 50/50 split between cheap units and archers. This helps most of the time except of the times when the enemy zerg rushes you with cheap units.

This game has a lot of potential, looking forward to seeing more in the future.

Fun game! Gamepad controls feel awkward, though, I can't shake the habit of using the right stick for anything more than looking. An average Joe might feel the same way.

If you ever need a Russian translation, I can help you with that.

Played your game, very addicting. One MAJOR thing I suggest you work on is limiting the mouse movement. My mouse is set to a high DPI, so after you have more than two ships (not even maxed out), the only thing that can actually make you lose is carpal tunnel, because the ships move VERY fast on high DPI mouse settings, and the Earth is pretty much immortal.

Played your game, it's fun and fast. Feels very much like Quake(the old ones, not Q4) gameplay-wise. It needs more stuff though, like more enemies to shoot at, because at times it feels like I'm running through a desert. Also, the enemies are kinda dumb - I got into an area, and they were just standing there, facing away from me and they weren't reacting to anything until the last one saw me. So I suggest work on the player detection.

The graphics are smooth, but sometimes there are micro-stutters for a fraction of a second. i5/rx480/w10.

Played your game, very nice atmosphere, and very challenging enemies. Took me a while to figure out how to kill those ghosts without losing all the health from the first couple of enemies, seeing that I don't play Dark Souls-type games, more of a shooter guy.

Looks like from the comments that you're working on the defense system. The game would really benefit from that. Also, there was a situation where I was swarmed by enemies but couldn't move, don't know if it's by design or not, but you should look into it. And movement while in combat in general.

With those graphics, the game works flawlessly with all the graphic settings turned to max - i5 4590/RX480. Looking forward for more of GKV.

Finally played your game, both Windows version and the web one. It's fun and addicting!

But, the web version kept crashing - level 7, and the one after complete darkness. Also, can you add the fullscreen mode to Windows version, because that one works well, but when you click outside of the window, it gets pretty annoying. Or, as an alternative, lock the cursor inside the window. It's pretty much the reason why I played mostly the web version. Chrome/Windows 10, btw.

Looking forward to the next build.

Thanks for the feedback!

The valves in the game are supposed to be a part of the puzzle - I originally intended to make the player blow up the tower, and in order to do that, the cooling system needed to be shut off. That will probably be in the next build. Also the collectables - I'm thinking of making it possible to buy an extra life, or maybe some grenades, once you collect X amount of coins. It will be handy once there are more enemies in the game.

It's a snapshot of what I have at the moment, and I'll focus solely on this level from now on. More content coming, probably couple more big platforms and few enemies.

Thanks for the feedback, the movement and jumping will be my primary concerns for a while.

Regarding ziplines, I probably will make the player push a Use button to activate, like most games do.