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A jam entry

Project K2 - Alpha versionView game page »

Robots. Rockets. Explosions. Classic console style gameplay - all in one package. When it's done.
Submitted by kr0s with 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline


I could tell this was meant for a gamepad (at least i hope), but I played with keyboard. I didnt even notice I could use mouselook until i was checked out all the platforms. Before that, turning with the arrow keys caused me to move, which is awful for platforming. So are the castlevania jumps. I know it doesn't make physical sense, not being able to change jump trajectory in mid air feels awful.

kr0s (View their submission) · 17 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, the movement and jumping will be my primary concerns for a while.

Regarding ziplines, I probably will make the player push a Use button to activate, like most games do.

Rokas · 17 days ago

Put things in a folder, then zip it. Played it with an Xbox controller.

-Movement feels pretty bad, running momentum is destroyed as soon as you start turning
-Transitions to ziplines are jarring
-Jumps are hard to make
-Camera seems funky when using it in a stationary position, but didn't seem to be a problem while actually playing
-Shooting and trying to move non-forward is broken
-Walking into the sanic ramp might as well be a cutscene, one with shit transitions at that
-No ledge grabbing-like auto correction is frustrating, but that's mostly a shit jumping side effect
-Fuck jumping

Eventually got stuck in a sanic ramp cut scene with the camera becoming fixed and not being able to enter cut scenes again.

AWK (View their submission) · 17 days ago

I played with an Xbox One controller and here are my thoughts:

First the nitpicks

  • Movement feels sluggish since the slightest direction change makes you slow down, I feel like a tank.
  • Y for jumping is odd, B would feel more natural.
  • The complete lack of control while jumping is pretty annoying and adds to the tankish feel, the lack of a blob shadow also causes jumps to be harder than they needed to be.
  • Jumping on the loop and jump pads causes them to malfunction.
  • The aiming is wacky and "spins" instead of turning.
  • Alt-tabbing causes the player to get stuck in aiming mode until he presses alt or LB.
  • I feel like I'm fighting the camera when moving back.

Now the stuff I liked

  • Graphics are very nice and pleasing, I could see a whole world being built in this style.
  • I actually collected all the coins for fun rather than just for testing, the game feels satisfying and has plenty of potential!

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