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Ctesiphon Alpha - Demo Day 21View game page

Classic Style First Person Shooter
Submitted by stomygame (@StomyGame) — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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Played your game, it's fun and fast. Feels very much like Quake(the old ones, not Q4) gameplay-wise. It needs more stuff though, like more enemies to shoot at, because at times it feels like I'm running through a desert. Also, the enemies are kinda dumb - I got into an area, and they were just standing there, facing away from me and they weren't reacting to anything until the last one saw me. So I suggest work on the player detection.

The graphics are smooth, but sometimes there are micro-stutters for a fraction of a second. i5/rx480/w10.


In my copy of the game the enemies and the knife are invisible. I tried reinstalling both versions of the game but the problem persists. I'm running it on an old thinkpad tough so it might be a hardware problem. I managed to finish the level by just sprinting through.

Apart from that, movement and shooting feel good. I expecially like the starting gun. Great job!


At least you could run around for a while, thanks for trying it out all the same!

Every time something like that has happened before it's from the computer not supporting a high enough OpenGL version, but I've made sure to only use the bare minimum 3.0 spec to get the best compatibility. It could simply be an outdated driver, because if your device really can't support OpenGL 3.0 then it shouldn't be able to draw anything but the UI. Try getting the latest drivers and see if they show up.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

First of all, the game is very fun and has a lot of potential.

The last time I've played this is during DD12 (I think). Things don't seem to have changed that much but I'm sure you've been working hard on it. I'm going to nitpick and complain about things you're probably already working on / aware of but I'm going to say them anyway just in case.

  • Your game really needs a flashlight, it was hard to see in some areas.
  • The knife doesn't do anything if you hit objects with it. Maybe add a sound-effect + a decal
  • They're probably really hard to do but if you could add ragdolls they would be very fun to mess around with.
  • If you can't do ragdolls, can you at least make the corpses react when you shoot at them? Maybe make them spray robot blood or something.
  • I was able to cheese a bit with the NPCs by hitting their feet at an odd angle through a door frame and they didn't react or move.
  • More varied sound effects when jumping would be nice.
  • The FOV felt a bit cramped to me, adding it to the options menu would be nice. Is it set to 90?

Thanks for trying it out again! I haven't been working on it as much as I should but if I start skipping demo days then I'll just get even more complacent!

  • I'm not sure about a flashlight, but I will put in a gamma adjustment slider.
  • The knife only really gives feedback if you hit something that takes damage, and there is a sound effect, but now that you mention it, having an animated reaction on the hand wouldn't be too hard
  • I won't add ragdolls, as I think they'd be a pain to get right, but I will be adding more hit effects and doing enough damage will gib enemies in the future.
  • Yeah, heh, I use the enemies' move colliders for hit detection so it's really easy to exploit at the moment.
  • I only use public domain sounds so hunting down new ones takes a while, but eventually they'll start grating on me too.
  • It's 75 vertical by default, I'll add a slider for it later that will go from 60-100