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Whimp the BoldView game page

Become your enemy in this 2D platformer!
Submitted by AttaBoy (@AttaBoyGames) — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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I like it! Making all those enemies control well and stay balanced must be a lot of work. Though, there is rarely any incentive to actually possess something different other than curiosity. Are there any interesting gameplay interactions between characters? I can see it work similar to warioland games.


What do you mean gameplay interactions? I haven't played the warioland games yet, I'd love to know what that entails. I see it as you having a choice of what moves you want, similar to how kirby can take different powersets. There will be incentives to at least try out everyone in the final game

There is an enemy that can make you fat, which will make you go slower and unable to jump, but you can break blocks under you. You can also turn into a spring after getting hit by another enemy. Things like that make enemies more interesting, and also allows you to solve puzzles or just move through the map. Paired with your concept it could add another layer of depth, but since you are going for simple platforming it would probably break the pacing instead.


This game is awesome. Needs to be longer, though. Noticed a bug in the level where you have a tutorial on how to jump tall walls - the door on the top disappears sometimes. Also, can you possess ghosts and those monkey-like things?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! This is just the demo to show off some enemies and mechanics, and I'm still learning level design. Longer levels to come in the future for sure. Not sure, but I think that bug you mentioned is in there by design, as it leads to a bonus room and disappears once you find it. Assuming ghosts are those masked enemies, then yes you absolutely can possess them and the monkey things!

Visually a very nice game, loved the polish that went into the levels since previous Demo Day, and the animations and movement now seem much smoother.  Level Design feels solid and they mostly flow well. There's a few rock textures not quite placed properly, and as such, aren't tiling properly, but I'm sure you knew that. The main thing that felt off was the level that forces the player to glide under rocks - It came a little soon. Not saying its too hard or anything, but just came a little early, as I was still familiarizing myself with the Controls. I think you might need a "softer" reset mechanic then death. Think blowing wind, rushing water. Something that lets the player practice without feeling like they've messed up, before you make them do it over the death-pitfalls. 
Controls felt great, although terrain collision needs some work here and there. Characters can get stuck mid-wall, etc.. The boss was a little on the Easy side, but fun.

Overall, huge improvements since last time. Keep it up!


This game is gorgeous. I love how every character has different attacks and movement options (Backburr is my favourite).

I got this error when I tried jumping from a Noogie to a BuckaChucka in the second screen of the first level. Sometimes the character gets stuck on a corner and seems to float in midair (happened twice in the level where you have to jump under a rock to get across a pit. Other than that, the game runs smoothly and without any problems.

I wish this demo was longer because I had a great time! Great job! Keep it up!


I opened the game and went into options then the game randomly closed. I dunno why it did that.

Game was fun, I loved the humour. Got annoyed at the part where you have to balloon underneath a rocky outcropping, as contacting the edge of the map instagibbed me, even though my updraft was about to kick in. Perhaps let the player fall a little further off the screen before declaring them dead?

I kept press the wrong buttons but maybe that's my fault for being a dummy. I should have rebound to controls I'm more used to. 

The new art is pretty good. Some thoughts:

  • As Norm with his clap attack, it doesn't seem to have much practical use  since enemies will still be invulnerable after the first thumbs-up attack (mostly referring to the mid-boss which is where I noticed this); There didn't seem to be a way to go straight into the clap so odds are they will get hit by the first attack, unless you manage to miss the first attack I suppose
  • I got this error when attempting to ride the cloud after becoming the mid-boss
  • As Noogie, I expected the throwing animation to return to idle after hitting a breakable block or wall, but if you're on the ground you stay in the end of the throwing animation until you move again
  • Just a minor graphical thing

Thanks for playing. First of all, that bug report is really weird, as it's saying that the variable isn't defined, but it's in the script that defines it, and is at line 0. Do you have any more context as to what you were doing, I don't have trouble with riding the cloud and I can't seem to replicate it

As for Norm, the clap attack also has a long range shockwave componenet that is unfortunately invisible in this demo, as I didn't have time to make it yet. But I should look into ways to make the clap itself more viable, it's quite powerful. Those other things I'll fix up asap, thanks again!

Ok I take that back, I managed to find a way to use the clap pretty well. Also I did a quick speedrun to see if I could reproduce the crash (It happens at the end, but the preview of the crash window doesn't pop up in the webm).

Maybe it's because I have a controller plugged in? I'm playing with Keyboard.


Oh damn, that actually makes a lot more sense if the controller is plugged in. I'll put out a build tomorrow with an attempted fix and I'll contact you to see if it works if you're willing to try. Also wow, you really figured out how to ravage Zuff, pretty fun to watch