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I think the 'charge' shot was an interesting twist on a classic formula but it was just a bit too many steps for me to really get into it. I was never good at rocket jumping anyway for what it's worth

Game should have an interactive tutorial rather than a 3 page document, but other than that it's really good. Felt like a Zachtronics game

Too loud bro

How do I pick up the hammer?

You're not the only one :P
I think it's an experience that a lot of people can relate to

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This game is awesome!
mr walts

Bug report:
When using an anvil, if I select an item to enchant then change my mind and hit the cross to exit the anvil, the anvil disappears as though it were used but I lose the opportunity to enchant anything

Thanks for taking the time to make a cool game :)

Pretty damn creepy

I liked what you were going for with the messy terror of it. Reminds me of mid 00's flash games.

The controls were almost unbearable though

Thanks so much man
The music was actually made specifically for the game so it's no coincidence that the BPM matches ;)

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Fuck this game
I love it
But god damn
Edit: It's challenging in the way it makes you have to supress years of platforming instincts

But does it work on Dreamcast, Cap?

>doesn't work in browser
Mr Dreamcast giveth and he taketh away

Truly evidence for the age old debate "Can video games be considered art"
One day I will tell my grand children that I was there, I saw the turning point.
This is ground zero people.

Love it, another Captain Dreamcast masterpiece

The music is great but doesn't feel like it fits the tone all the time. Obviously you'll be adding more music as you go so that's a moot point.

The art is beautiful and playing the menus felt really satisfying and intuitive, a couple of the buttons don't work but I'm assuming you know which (volume on the in-game menu and the 'h' hint system).

Changing the palette was really cool

All in all I'm super excited about this game. It crashed on me so I stopped playing and some of the alliteration was a bit silly and spoiled the horror effect, but yeah. Game is cool. Can't wait to play this, and I could legitimately see you monetising this in the future.

The sound design and art style are really relaxing. Can't wait to see what other mini-games you will add. Menu feels crisp and juicy. It'd be great to have the level procedurally generate and hitting targets give you a second extra time, or two seconds for a bulls eye. 

Oh and add a Ruski font for laffs! I think something simple like that would make the game really funny. 

Hey Alloyed
Thanks so much for your time dude, this is incredibly helpful. Probably why you do them ;)
I think you'll get more of a kick once I've fleshed out the more strategic mechanics x

Game is very cool, can see a lot of potential out of this. I think you could keep adding to it and make a pretty big game if that interests you. A race I would like to see would be skeletons because everyone loves undead. Maybe chuck humans in there too? It'd be really convenient if I could right click on a square or enemy to move/attack (whichever is appropriate) than have to go through the menu each time. Switching between allied units was difficult too as I wanted to select allies that were yet to move and kept on being prompted to 'swap' them instead. Perhaps only make that option available if it is actually viable, as opposed to trying to swap two guys on other side of the map.

Also the best strategy I found which resulted in a 100% success rate against every other race despite the map was playing orcs and just spamming the 15 gold raiders and getting one of the slavers. Every character seems to take around 2 hits to kill from any other character so it became apparent that if I simply had more bodies than the other guy I could charge him in a clump and clean up pretty easily.

Movement felt really crisp. I was expecting more sideways momentum in the air when I let go of an arrow key to keep me travelling in that direction further, but I got used to not having that. All the level set pieces are super cool, the big crushers felt impactful and dangerous, Like I was in some giant machine. Maybe add some gear and cog motifs to the background in those piston levels? My major criticism is the double mines, I had the most fun flying through the levels as fast as I possibly could and speed running it and they just killed the flow of momentum. Maybe if you made them a bit further spaced so it was possible to fly through the middle. Launching myself downwards was heaps of fun and was really useful for beating some of the challenges. Please tone down the gun firing sound though, I set my SFX volume to 6 and my housemate could still hear them shooting with my door closed. Oh and the way the guns interact with the other physical elements is really good design. Lots of fun had with this one.

How to play image is actually a really good idea, thanks for your feedback

Gemcraft TD! Great game, I took inspiration (see: stole ideas) from that game to help me make this but with more of a roguelite twist. Premade levels could be a good idea though, thanks!

Yeah I'm a dummy and didn't check my code or playtest it. That's fixed in the current live version.

I beat the third level (3 blue blocks) and my game crashed.
I managed to break into a room on the left of the exit portal somehow though and it contained one of the darker red squares but no light red square and no combination of moves could get me out. Luckily I remembered you could rewind.
Game is so beautiful and the art style is really refreshing. Please keep making this game!

For some reason it says K on the wall even though the jump button is X maybe the font is just a bit weird though.

Running through the tutorial parkour style was really fun. I liked the way enemies launched around in combat but found the short attack range difficult to use. I charged at an enemy and timed my whack to what I thought was appropriate and both of us got damaged. Felt like the safest way to play was to simply stand next to enemies until they can close enough to me to time my whack on them.  I wanted to play safe because health was scarce and dying meant restarting the level completely.

The art is beautiful and the sound fits perfectly however.

Really enjoyable so far, looking forward to see what you do with it.

A few things though: Really annoying to have the ammo boxes taking up slots unnecessarily, they should just get added to your player's ammo total. If you want inventory management to be an aspect of the game, perhaps make them take up space in the inventory just keep it out of the hotbar. I love the suggestion someone said in the thread about enemies having an image displaying their last location, very cool. I wish there was a way to throw C4, as it stands there isn't an easy way to get an enemy to walk onto it. Does the grenade launcher actually explode? There is no indactor of this as far as I saw. Also the text saying "Retreating!" Was still visible and moving even though the associating enemy was no on screen, is this intended?

Hmm It's a big flaw that so many people don't realise what it's for, given it's the main focus of the game!

The player can create gems which amplify the abilities of a tower and grow over time, gaining new abilities.

What do you mean by luring them?

I'm thinking of making unlimited towers that scale in cost. Otherwise I think the player would just build 100s of tier 1 towers and never need to touch the gem side of things.

Does this actually work on dreamcast?

Game made me lol. Lots of Mirklings streamed down the right hand side though and I barely needed to defend against them.

I opened the game and went into options then the game randomly closed. I dunno why it did that.

Game was fun, I loved the humour. Got annoyed at the part where you have to balloon underneath a rocky outcropping, as contacting the edge of the map instagibbed me, even though my updraft was about to kick in. Perhaps let the player fall a little further off the screen before declaring them dead?

I kept press the wrong buttons but maybe that's my fault for being a dummy. I should have rebound to controls I'm more used to. 

The enemy shot sound is so loud. Scared the shit out of me when they first started firing.  Seems like a solid ground for a puzzle game, perhaps have 3 difficulty modes:

Easy: Red line shows where bullet will bounce and end up

Normal: Red line only shows to first wall

Hard: No dot sight only reticle