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online medieval tournament sim
Submitted by Alloyed — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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The sound design and art style are really relaxing. Can't wait to see what other mini-games you will add. Menu feels crisp and juicy. It'd be great to have the level procedurally generate and hitting targets give you a second extra time, or two seconds for a bulls eye. 

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Pretty, challenging and fun! Only problem is the escape key not working when restarting the level.

My highest score is 1900. 2000 now. Did I do gud?


Feels smooth and polished. The sound really fits the game. Only real problem is the edge of the screen. 

Also that tactical pile of rocks that limits the level made me chuckle.




Nice game. I'm disappointed you can't shoot the birds.


Don't bully the birds :c

(they actually already have a hitbox, I still haven't decided what should happen if you shoot at them tho)


On a 144hz monitor the game runs way too fast, I almost flipped out. I wish I could drag my mouse from anywhere and not get stopped by the window or the edge of the screen. So far so good, its readable and it works. I'd want some more nuance to raise the skill ceiling, like aiming while jumping doesn't stop movement.


the framerate thing is a stupid mistake on my part, I think: if you have the spare time can you try this build and see if it has the same problem?



noted on the other points <3


Yeah that works, had enough time to deliver the pizzas.




There doesn't seem to be a way to get out of singleplayer or the online lobby so I have to quit and open the game again every time I want to change. 
The aiming preview is not entirely accurate, I can aim slightly higher and still hit the target even though the preview said it would miss.
Arrows from below sometimes go through the targets and miss.
I can't shoot through the invisible wall to the left unless I'm touching it.

The game feels very nice and the controls are smooth, it looks and sounds polished too. I'm not sure about the longevity and fun factor of the game since the level is always the same though, I think some randomization would work well.

I wait for a while but couldn't find an online match, opening two instances of the game works fine though. I will try it again later to play with someone else.


On the tech stuff, understood, I think I know everything I need except for #3. What do you mean by "arrows from below"? as in you fire directly upwards somewhere around 90 degrees?

Re longevity: I was kind of hoping that people wouldn't notice that the map is static when it's mixed in with a bunch of other minigames/mutators. I'll probably do it anyways so I can trick more people to playtest the game with me