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Thanks, got bug A, I couldn't reproduce B but I think I could just rewrite that bit of code to avoid that class of problem

My feedback is apparently too long for itch so here's a link to it instead


tl:dr: I had fun but ended up with a pretty huge list of nitpicks along the way

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Attempt one: http://b.1339.cf/flovilc.mp4

Attempt two: http://b.1339.cf/xafsihf.mp4

I did attempt one cold, no instructions, I kind of vaguely looked at them for attempt 2

This is literally the first slenderman-type game I've ever played, so I'm probably more than a little off base here, but:


* I didn't know about the vault mechanic for the first two attempts, but realized it by the time I tried it off-camera. It seems to work pretty well, but hiding its existence in optional instructions is not great.

* spent a lot of time lost, and not in the way where I felt threatened or really worried: since I knew I was playing a game, was very specifically looking for a sound-related trigger to progress, and that the thing chasing me had to actually chase and touch me instead of coyly looking from behind some twigs, it took a lot of the early tension out. ingame exposition would have helped.

both sound like they would be fixed with notes laying around. it's kind of silly but ehh, if it works elsewhere

* every time I've seen the light from far away it had some visibility problem, where you could only see it if you looked at it from your peripheral vision. not a 3D guy so I can't really explain it better but I do it in attempt 2

* resetting from the menu seems to softlock at the loading screen. Happens on attempt 1. reproducible.

recording: http://b.1339.cf/hsjzbku.mp4


* I felt like I was smashing combinations together until I got something. I didn't feel much impetus to make shorter paths, and I couldn't think of much else I could do to "beat" each puzzle in a way that would make me feel clever. the puzzle just isn't a good core loop, although maybe it's a solid minigame ala the pipe puzzle in bioshock.

Sorry for the lack of real feedback, this sort of thing just isn't my bag (baby)

recording: http://b.1339.cf/pvskoyy.mp4


* I didn't get to see much of the game thanks to skelebro, maybe make his bone arc more vertical so even when it's on path to get you you can strafe out of the way?

* making jumps a limited resource seems like an odd choice IMO, since you can only progress by jumping: it makes it possible to make a level unfinishable for actions you took well in the past. Either give the player all the info they need to beat the level up front by making the game last a single screen, or do something like add a double jump and make that limited so the game only becomes harder, not impossible, if you mismanage it

recording: http://b.1339.cf/rqkgzkv.mp4


* maybe I'm bad, but it seemed like some situations were unwinnable, and they were unwinnable due to random movement as opposed to my direct actions. Frustrating

observations cut short because I just realized that I could have been shooting bones the whole time


You can have the recording anyway I guess

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recording: http://b.1339.cf/qgbhliu.flv


* too easy for too long, by the time I started to need to pay attention I was already out of it

* the blocks _almost_ fell in time with the music, which was a little disconcerting. sort of an explicit sync would have helped

* it seems like an ideal strategy would be to just circle the arrow keys really fast. Adding mechanics that didn't make that true, like a "blocked just in time" combo, would have made it more compelling to play